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Embrace Your Future In Seven Steps

 Doors have to close before others can open.  Loss is an inevitable part of life, but maybe it’s better to move away from this idea and think instead of shutting doors behind you.

This means that new openings await, to empower and liberate you.

Follow these seven steps to clear your pathway to a bright future:

  • Farewell ceremony
  • Cut the cord
  • Contact your spirit guide
  • Heal your heart
  • Be empowered by crystals
  • Visualise your crossroads
  • Commit to new activities


 When you know that a chapter in your life really is closed and you have to move on, affirm this to your subconscious in a simple ceremony.

 Burn a cypress or lavender joss stick and light a white candle.  Relax and feel peaceful.  Write down on a piece of paper everything that has to go.  Positive things may be part of this and you may feel sorrowful but be brave!  Remember better awaits.

 Make sure you write the negatives too.  Although the past may seem great as you look back, while you were going through it, there were drawbacks.  So if you have lost a relationship for instance, remember the ways it held you back.  If you’ve lost a job, recall the elements you didn’t enjoy.  Whatever, however, this was wrong for you.

 Twist your paper and use tongs to burn it in the candle flame.  Say thanks for all you’ve had and the lessons learned.  Keep the ashes in a little pot and scatter these to the winds when you can.


Do you feel that you are still tied to a person or circumstance?  Get a white cord, tie one end round your left wrist and the other round a representation of the thing/person you are separating from – this could be a photo, letter, ring, piece of clothing or whatever seems right.  Imagine you are protected in a sphere of white light, and that what you are separating from is also within a white light – all that binds you is the cord.

 Cut the cord with sharp scissors and imagine your sphere of light and the sphere of light around the past are closing up, leaving you totally separate.  Draw your end of the cord back within your sphere and once again affirm your sphere is closed and safe.

 Burn or bury both ends of the cord, along with the symbol of the past.  Say ‘I am free, with love and blessings to all’


 You may be aware of your spirit guide but if you aren’t it doesn’t matter because he or she is certainly aware of you!

 Relax and close your eyes.  Imagine you are in a beautiful, peaceful space.  This could be out in nature, in a temple or just in your own room.  Imagine that a being is coming towards you, surrounded by light.  You do not need to see this clearly, just stay relaxed.

 Ask your spirit guide to help and protect you, and open your heart to being loved and guided.


 Research shows that being ‘heartbroken’ has a real effect on your physical heart.  Body and spirit are closely linked – what affects one affects another, and although you know you have to move on, your heart has other ideas.

 Heal your heart by giving yourself comforting physical treats such as a massage, or walk somewhere tranquil and beautiful.  Imagine a beautiful soft pink light coming from the Heavens and wrapping your heart in love and safety.  Breathe gently and deeply, realising that the air you breathe has been all around the planet and brings you an amazing amount of new energy.  As you inhale, imagine that you are drawing comfort, healing and vigour into your heart with the sparkling energy of air.


 Any crystal that you feel drawn to will help you move on.  Choose smoky quartz to absorb all those negative feelings.  Lie down, place a smoky quartz tumble-stone on your forehead and pour all your sadness, anger and fears into it.  Later, take it outside and throw it into a running stream, saying thank you to the earth for taking care of you.

 Place amethyst by your bed to bring you peace and help you sleep.  Carry labradorite for protection from anything unpleasant on a psychic level, and carry rose quartz for gentle healing.  Place several pieces of clear quartz around your bed and affirm that when you go to rest you are entering a protected crystal temple where you can be spiritually cleansed and held in a spirit of Love.  As you relax and sleep you will be renewed, to move on.


 Play some soft music, feel peaceful and relax.  Imagine you are walking down a sunny road.  Ahead of you there is a crossroads, with two or more alternative routes.  Approach it slowly.

 As you get there you see there are signposts down each of the roads.   What is written on them?  Be aware of your choices, going forwards.  Are you ready to take a new direction or do you need to linger at the crossroads for a while?

 You may find that a helpful figure – possibly your spirit guide – arrives with advice and guidance.  Always challenge such a being three times with the words ‘Do you come in perfect love?’  If you get a positive answer three times, then you can accept guidance.

 You can explore any of the routes, or commit yourself to one, but you can never go back down the road you’ve come.  Look for your inspiration.  When you come out of the visualization, make a note of what you’ve experienced.


 You may be doing lots of inward work on yourself, but don’t forget to take action.  Each day do at least one new thing.  This may be extremely hard at first and you may have to drag yourself.  You may not even enjoy it when you do it, but give yourself a massive pat on the back anyway, and do something else.

 Sooner or later you will find something new that begins to absorb you, and then you are truly on your way.

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