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Here’s what your horoscope predicts for you this February…

By Emma Howarth



20 January–17 February

It’s time to leave the past where it belongs and take the first steps towards the bright future you know you deserve, Aquarius. Ditch the haters, plan the party, share your vision and make like the last few months never happened. A life well lived is the very best kind of revenge. The 5 February full moon beams into your love zone bringing romance your way in time for Valentine’s Day. If you’ve been waiting for the right moment to reconnect with someone, level up in a relationship or get back on the apps the wait is over.

Themes of self worth abound as Pisces season begins on 18 February urging you to expect more from life, love and your next pay cheque. Nothing changes if nothing changes, Aquarius, so don’t stay where you are just because you’re afraid to move on. The 20 February new moon offers the perfect opportunity to set financial goals that can buy you more freedom. The end of the month brings an extra dose of magic your way thanks to romantic Venus in your communication zone and an action-packed Mars/Mercury meet up. Tell someone how you feel and the right kind of fireworks could soon follow.

Feeling extra? Stash some pyrite in your pocket for good money vibes.

Mantra for the month Know your worth. 



18 February–19 March

Direct this month’s burst of fresh energy towards practices that support your wellbeing and you’ll soon be ready to show the world what you’re made of. And if you’re feeling frustrated by 2023’s slow start know that it will all begin to make sense soon. By the 5 February full moon you’ll get a hint at what’s on the agenda for you in the months to come. This is the year that everything changes but not without some hard work and commitment. New projects, health kicks and positive switch ups to your daily routine all look lit for you this month. 

Love could be the last thing on your mind this Valentine’s Day but not because it’s lacking in your life. Your relationships are in fact more stable than they’ve ever been. Your commitment to self improvement is really starting to pay off, too. By birthday season (from 18 February) you could be ready to reveal a whole new version of yourself. Who knew it could be this easy? Take some time out to celebrate how far you’ve come but stay focussed. A lucky break that can make a big difference to your financial situation could arrive right when you need it most. Believe in your talents, Pisces. 

Feeling extra? Try a sound bath for easy relaxation.

Mantra for the month Quit the self sabotage. 



20 March–19 April

You’re on fire right now, Aries! Whatever it is you’re doing, keep doing it – and make the most of the super social vibe Aquarius season is bringing your way. The connections you’re making now are way more significant than you realise. One in particular could pave the way to something big in 2023. Use the power of the 5 February full moon to let go of anything that’s stopping you from stepping into the magic that awaits you. One thing is for certain, you won’t be alone this Valentine’s Day (unless you choose to be). Your star is rising fast – don’t let self-doubt ruin your big moment. 

By Pisces season (from 18 February) you’ll be more than ready to embrace a slower pace. There’s a lot going on in your life right now, Aries. It makes sense that you need a bit of respite. Take some time out to focus on your wellbeing and you’ll be back on track in no time. The 20 February new moon invites you to commit to a healing or wellness practice that you’ve struggled to find the time for in the past. Things have changed. You need this! By the end of the month you’ll be feeling more grounded and ready for what’s next.

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Mantra for the month Feel the love.



20 April–20 May

You’ve never been afraid of hard graft, Taurus, but this is next level! All work and no play might make life feel dull but the pay off is set to be worth it. The year might have got off to a slow start but your time is coming and career success is yours for the taking if you play your cards right this February. That doesn’t mean you can ignore every other aspect of your life though! The 5 February full moon beams into your domestic fourth house to remind you that success is meaningless without people to share it with. Showing someone you care this Valentine’s Day could make a big difference to your future.

By the time the clock turns Pisces on 18 February you’ll be more than ready for an energy shift. Expect an influx of invitations (business and social) as the month draws to a close. Your challenge? Break free of that work ethic and allow yourself to enjoy them. Taurus was born to indulge and luxuriate not fill in tedious spreadsheets! The 20 February new moon offers a great opportunity to makes plans so book the trip, set the date and make it happen.

Feeling extra? Take a ritual bath on the full moon.

Mantra for the month Find adventure.



21 May–20 June

Finally, life feels back on track and going somewhere. Plans to shake things up should gather the right kind of pace as February begins, bringing adventure galore your way. If you’re ready for a voyage of discovery – or quite possibly a literal voyage – the time is right, especially after 11 February. Telling someone how you really feel around the 5 February full moon could change the trajectory of your year in the best possible way. A V-Day love in could be on the cards, Gemini! But is it time you left the past where it belongs and started living in the moment more?

By Pisces season (from 18 February) you’ll be feeling more confident in your choices than ever before, making the end of the month a prime time for setting career goals. You are more than ready to take things to the next level at work so don’t wait a second longer, Gemini. Ask for the raise! Start the podcast! Write the proposal! You’ve totally got this. The 20 February new moon invites you to dream big when it comes to your future success. There is so much more to come for you! Start believing you’re worth it!

Feeling extra? Commit to a weekly yoga class or meditation session.

Mantra for the month Take the first step.  



21 June–21 July

If your finances took a major hit over Christmas, this month should see you back on track. Expect good news on the cash front as February begins, especially around the 5 February full moon. Pay rises, rebates and lucky breaks all look lit for you right now but it’s also a good time to work on changing your money mindset long term. Yes, it’s know your worth time, Cancer. Expect more, ask for more and leave any lingering sense that you don’t deserve it in the past where it belongs. Romance might take a backseat to a career goal this Valentine’s Day but for good reason – the kind of success you have long dreamt of awaits you in 2023. 

Come Pisces season (from 18 February) you’ll be ready for something new. Travel, adventure and deep dives into subjects you find fascinating could all feature as the month draws to a close. Take some time out to consider what would make your life feel even more expansive around the 20 February new moon and set intentions to match. You can achieve anything you set your mind to this year, Cancer. Make a choice and stick to the plan.

Feeling extra? Send yourself flowers on V-Day.

Mantra for the month Keep going.



22 July–22 August

Love is in the air for Leo as February begins thanks to Aquarius season homing in on your relationship zone. And whether you’re loved up, looking or pretending Valentine’s Day doesn’t exist, allowing a touch of romance into your life could switch up your whole outlook this month. Love really is all you need, Leo! The 5 February full moon falls in your sign urging you to step into a whole new version of yourself. Forget what’s gone before and allow yourself the freedom to start over. You deserve this. 

Intense feelings abound as Pisces season rolls into town on 18 February. If something feels off, it probably is off, Leo, but don’t let a suspicious mind ruin something special. Trust your intuition on affairs of the heart and you’ll soon find yourself on the right track. The 20 February new moon invites you to set intentions that prioritise a long-held but secret ambition. Could this be the month that you finally speak the words aloud? That might just be the first step towards making it happen – and the person who matters to you most is more on board than you think. It’s time to make life feel magical again.

Feeling extra? Discover your birth chart for the cosmic down low.

Mantra for the month Make the change.



23 August–22 September

The fresh start energy you need arrives this month as Aquarius season hits its stride. If you’ve been waiting for the right time to get a project off the ground or recommit to a health kick, now is your moment, Virgo. The changes you’re currently making to your life really will make a difference. There’s a healing vibe to the 5 February full moon for you, too. Just because you’ve tried hard to make something work doesn’t mean you have to keep going forever. If it feels right to let it go, now might be the right time. 

Learning to love yourself could be all the Valentine’s romance you need this year but that doesn’t mean there’s no room for a relationship in your life. In fact, one that matters a great deal to you could be about to level up. Come Pisces season (from 18 February) it’s all happening in your love zone with a bit of extra help from Venus in your intense eighth house from 20 February. The 20 February new moon is a great time to set romantic intentions but make sure you’re not prioritising someone else’s needs at the expense of your own. This year has to be the year you focus on you, Virgo.

Feeling extra? Put a piece of rose quartz in your pocket for maximum love vibes.

Mantra for the month Put yourself first.    



23 September–22 October

Let the good times roll this February as Aquarius season brings some much-needed levity to your life. Fun, flirtation and creative pursuits all look lit for Libra as the month begins. Better still, a full moon in your social zone brings all the right invitations to the table around 5 February. Hibernation time is officially over! Don’t be surprised to find yourself fending off Valentine’s admirers this year, either. Whatever it is you’ve got going on right now, everyone wants a piece of it. 

A change of pace arrives with Pisces season (from 18 February) and not before time. You’ve learnt the hard way that you really can have too much of a good thing and a lifestyle change that stalled last month is ready for round two. You know what you need to do to achieve your goals in 2023 and you know now is the moment. So whether that’s getting started on an important work project, switching up your morning routine or putting your health first for a change, get started. The 20 February new moon sprinkles the right kind of magic on plans for the months ahead. You really can do this, Libra.

Feeling extra? Try writing morning pages for intuitive insights.

Mantra for the month Believe in yourself.   

Mantra for the month Love yourself.    



23 October–21 November

Making a house a home becomes a priority for you as February begins and whether that means moving out, moving in or redecorating the living room, the cosmos has got your back. Aquarius season focuses in on the domestic sphere, urging you to ensure your foundations are solid before you start building your future. This may also involve a reassessment of your career situation. The 5 February full moon falls in your success zone so if you’re ready to step things up, change paths or even ditch a role that isn’t working for you, know that the cosmos is on side. 

Valentine’s Day might feel like a low priority this year but don’t write off romance completely, Scorpio! There’s action on the cards for you this Pisces season (from 18 February) so brace yourself for an influx of admirers whether you’re single or not. Yep, if you’re happily attached and not looking for trouble you might want to give your DMs a swerve towards the end of the month. The 20 February new moon is the ideal time to recommit to a creative project that matters to you. Don’t give up this time, Scorpio.

Feeling extra? Turn your shower to cold for an invigorating icy blast 

Mantra for the month Find the magic.  



22 November–20 December

Keep going, Sagittarius! You’ve waited a long time for an opportunity like the one you have now and you are the right person for the job. Communication is key for you as February begins so ask for help if you need it and don’t be afraid to tell someone how you really feel. There’s a time and a place for dignified silence and this isn’t it, Sag! Honesty has always felt like the best policy for you and a story you finally feel ready to share has the potential to change lives. Be ready to wave goodbye to an old version of yourself around the 5 February full moon. Life really is on the up and you’re going places in 2023. 

Home is where the heart is for you from 18 February when Pisces season focuses attention on your family zone. Make time for those that matter most to you because you’ll need them more than you realise this year. Your luck is in right now, Sag, especially where creative projects are concerned. Plans to turn a passion into a main gig could come good sooner than you think, especially if you set some big intentions on the 20 February new moon. The good news you’ve been waiting for could arrive before the month is out.

Feeling extra? Light candles and set intentions on the new moon.

Mantra for the month Expect to be lucky. 



21 December–19 January

You’re wise enough to know that hard work can’t turn everything you touch into gold, but a project you care about is about to come good in a major way. Ready to reap the rewards? Of course you are but more important than any pay off is the proof that your instincts were right all along. Tune in to that feeling as you make choices this month that could prove even more life changing. Be ready to deal with some big emotions around the 5 February full moon – success is important to you, Capricorn, but that doesn’t mean it’s always easy. Allow yourself some breathing space so you can come back stronger. 

Pisces season (from 18 February) could prove the perfect time for a serious heart to heart. Just because your priorities are different doesn’t mean you can’t make this work. Change, commitment and domestic new horizons all look lit for you in 2023 but that doesn’t mean you need to rush anything if you’re not ready. Wait it out and know that honesty really is the best policy. Intentions made around the 20 February new moon have the power to switch things up for you long term, particularly if they’re related to writing, speaking or sharing a story. Know your worth, Capricorn. You have all the power you need.

Feeling extra? Commit to more time in nature this month.Mantra for the month Enjoy your success.