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Open up to optimism

Bold and fierce replaces basic

Free your wild side!

Ruler Mars remains retrograde in your 3rd but Jupiter returns to your sign this month and Chiron heads direct in your 1st once more. Ho ho ho! That freedom vibe and sheer arms wide open optimism sees you in the festive spirit! We also have a series of key oppositions and conjunctions set to hand you exciting gift-wrapped opportunities and solutions with an all important side order of sparkle. Game on again, Aries as you could just regain some of that lost momentum and mojo retroactive Mars has sucked out of your life lately.

Do keep in the back of your mind that if you are involved in any kind of discussions, negotiations, contracts etc – that you do need to look at every possible outcome/angle before you agree or sign on that dotted line. Mars will remain retrograde until next month in your house of commerce, communication and getting around. And just to add to the possible holiday retro confusion – yes, you guessed it – Mercury which rules Gemini and your 3rd, enters retroshadow in your 10th on the 12th. With full Fat Retrograde from the 29th, seeing in the New Year. You know the rules if traveling at this period – or should, Aries. Cancellations, weather, strikes, outages, breakdowns, reversals and the unforeseen.

Get the talk back on track as conversations may veer off it and head in a direction all their own. Heated arguments, the need to be right or control the dialogue can and will still happen. Above all, a ‘hard sell’ – whether quite literally around something you are thinking of buying or even around a personal relationship, is a red flag and most probably your cue to leave the table – at least for now.

Remember this especially during the first week of the month when Venus opposes Mars on the 1st from your 9th and we have a series of disagreeable squares with planets in your 9th and Neptune (direct from the 4th) in your 12th. Mind changes, moving the goal posts, hidden agendas, the fine print you didn’t notice or bother to read, could come to the fore by the time the full Moon appears conjunct Mars on the 8th.

This Moon is known as the Oak Moon, Full Cold Moon or Moon Before Yule. Do avoid the need to be right on this day. And pointless arguments with strangers on the internet. More in your Full Moon in Gemini Moonscope. And do watch what comes to light as Jupiter is anaretic – at the final degree of Pisces and your 12th prior to returning to your 1st.

I Deserve To Be Bold, I Deserve To Be Fierce, I Deserve To Be Free!

But don’t let this dull that vibe, Aries. Because if you are getting that feeling you should have a social media detox, unplug and stay silent on all things, that’s not what December is all about for you. What’s on offer as the Sun and other planets move through Sagittarius and your wild-side 9th, is a new kind of freedom. It’s yours to embrace with a rekindled openness and dare to explore.

The fiery energy of the galaxy is yours to harness this month as we have a series of conjunctions with Mercury (5th), Venus (9th) and finally the Sun (19th) and the Galactic Centre in Sagittarius. Daring, taking chances, risk vs. reward, putting yourself ‘out there’ in some way and stopping just dreaming but sending a statement of intention via the actions you take that you deserve to have and live those desires, sets the cosmic order and delivery system in motion for you.

Do NOT be content to sit on the sidelines now. Or delay whatever actions you need to take. What you set in motion this month should manifest for you between now and May next year. This is all-important to keep in mind. As should be the image of self-assured optimism you project. Be it, believe it, live it, Aries.

So, no waiting for Jan 1 to take action or set your future in motion. Do however remain aware that along with backwards-facing Mars you now have Mercury which rules Gemini and your 3rd, in that shadow cycle from the 12th onwards. And in your 10th of career, reputation and status. During the upcoming retrograde which begins on the 29th, it will re-enter your 9th before heading direct again in January. So, any outstanding issues may literally see-saw for a bit before that way forward appears. Fine tune those plans if necessary.

Venus lands in your 10th putting you in the public/professional eye in some way prior to the Sun following on the 21st. Some of you could be closing off the year with recognition, rewards or a bonus of some description. With Jupiter back in your sign it’s all about that image, persona, profile you project now. There are also new deals to be done or set in motion when it comes to your closest relationships as new dawn Ceres enters your 7th from the 19th – just prior to Jupiter’s arrival. What’s that desire or fresh take on partnerships you want to forge for yourself? A conversation may take you in a fresh direction towards this on the 29th. With positive results appearing from mid-Jan onwards.

The holiday season this year offers you a rare opportunity to appreciate where you are, who you are with, how far you have come and all the gifts you have access to – not just at this time, but are yours year round – love, talents, insights, memories to cherish. Any promises you make for what comes next – and I am not talking resolutions but something deeper and more profound, will be kept to thanks to the new Supermoon in your 10th on the 23rd and a dreamy, inspiring alignment between Juno and Neptune in your 12th on the 27th. This may inspire you to open up that talk or discussion. And see you entering ‘23 with promises you’ll keep – to yourself and your commitment for something wilder and freer, Aries!

In a nutshell: Despite ruler Mars still retrograde in your 3rd, December hands you back your mojo, Aries. Bold, fierce, freedom moves replace that basic vibe. Just thank Jupiter which returns to your sign with a heavenly ho-ho-ho of optimism and cheer!



Give the gift of gratitude

That eternal flame could still burn

Joy to all the Taureans out there!

Time to contemplate just what ‘rich’ means to you, Taurus. Your entire money axis remains in focus right up until Dec 21st. It’s not just the season for giving but should be the season for gratitude too. As well as a reappraisal of what it feels like to be ‘rich’ and experience abundance.

It’s okay to yearn for more, to want to achieve or have more. But it may remain tantalizingly elusive like a Christmas Elf if we neglect to simply add gratitude and that loved-up, emotionally rich feeling. So, don’t fall into that particular trap this festive season. Or if you do feel short-changed in any area, now is the time to look to whether you have settled for less than you know you deserve. And others are simply matching those expectations.

We begin the month with ruler Venus, the Sun and Mercury in your house of ‘other’ money, yearnings and desires, transformations and yes, sex. Have you been too nice and not naughty enough? Elf on a shelf and missing out on something hotter lately? The future of love and money is likely to be in focus – as could an intimate relationship. All that may be lacking is some heat so please, include hot love on that rich list and don’t get so caught up in the demands of the festive season you neglect the one you love the most.

Your 2nd is where your income, everyday cash, possessions and self-worth reside. In here we have assertive and go-getting Mars which is retrograde right now. So, one thing to watch for especially at the time of the full Moon conjunct Mars in here on the 8th, is arguments about money with others. Or again, defining being ‘rich’ by how much of it you have or what you own.

This Moon is known as the Oak Moon, Full Cold Moon or Moon Before Yule. Do watch what you say under it however. On line or off. There could be blow-back professionally or personally if you enter a pointless war of words or argument on line. Don’t believe what you say and certainly, as we move towards the end of the month, don’t buy into rumours or spread them as Mercury enters retroshadow on the 12th and then pulls a full reverse on the 29th in your 9th.. That egg on your face won’t be eggnog.

This is your house of planes, trains and mass transit, long distance travel, foreigners and the mass media. Do check the latter before going anywhere for the latest news which may affect your travel plans. You know the rules if traveling at this period – or should, Taurus. Cancellations, weather, strikes, outages, breakdowns, reversals and the unforeseen.

This is also your house of progress and opportunities – so career moves could be delayed. And do watch for any tendency towards exaggeration – yours or the other party’s. This is the house that ‘bigs’ things up but Mercury and Mars retro tell you this may be just spin with no substance. Even your pragmatic side can sometimes forget to ask whether something is really credible. Don’t fall into that trap!

As the planets move through your 8th and on into your 9th of fiery, radiant freedom, they meet the Galactic Centre. The heart of our galaxy and portal of our potential and change. Yes, the ‘C’ word was bound to enter the dialogue as your 8th is your change sector. But the wonderful fusion of the combined energy of Mercury (5th), Venus (9th) and finally the Sun (19th) show you what is happening is that change for the better. Whether it was consciously on your wishlist this year or not!

Let In The Joy

The past comes calling with new relevance however. Not just because of the Back to the Future motion of the planets. But down to Jupiter’s re-entry into your 12th on the 20th. Joyful reconnections and people you may not have seen or heard for in a while may feature. As could cashing in some good karma. Jupiter in your 12th is not normally associated with being a transit of financial opportunity. It’s gifts while in here are usually spiritual, intangible but lasting. However, its re-arrival coincides with the Sun, Mercury and your ruler Venus all moving into Jupiter’s ruling 9th house and the status setting sign of Capricorn in your chart.

Who you know as well as those smarts also plays a role in the bigger picture for you as we head into ‘23. Although Jupiter has exited your 11th, Neptune (direct from the 4th) and Juno remain in there. Someone you know or are connected to could make an offer, promise or pledge around a goal you may share – or just support yours. You can take them at their word especially around the 27th, Taurus.

You are poised on a new era of experience and fresh discoveries. Think about the direction you want to go in as the Solstice arrives the day the Sun enters your 9th (21st). This is either the longest or the shortest day of the year depending on which hemisphere you reside in. The term ‘solstice’ derives from ‘Sol’ – meaning Sun, and ‘sistere’ – to stand still. So, the Sun appears to do just that in the sky. It’s your cue now to stop any pursuit of more or even solutions, and simply be in a state of gratitude, Taurus. This will empower you through the mega-changes of success, realization and release which await you in ‘23.

Ahead of the calendar change, use the energy of the new Supermoon in your 9th on the 23rd to set those intentions or a fresh direction to move towards once this retrograde cycle is over. For now, your job is simply to feel the gratitude and enjoy yourself. With this festive season being one to be shared with family and friends alike. Spread the joy, Taurus. Feelgood vibes take you all the way up to the New Year thanks to a meeting between ruler Venus and retro Mercury on the 29th. Someone or something from long ago or far far away, a blast from the past or a literal return to it could occur. And just add to that list of all you have to be grateful for. Just keep the retro-rules in mind if seeing the New Year in other than at home.

In a nutshell: That flame could be still burning – for a person or a goal, and December lights the way back towards what ignites your very being. Practicing gratitude for what you have in the here and now, turns out to be your most powerful gift. Handing you simply more to get grateful for.



NOW is your gift

Be present

Love the one you’re with!

Create the magic right where you are this month, Gemini. Be ‘present’. That’s your gift. Don’t project too far into the future. And above all, don’t wish yourself elsewhere or in different circumstances. Especially when it comes to your relationship status. Your yearly partnership peak this year which lasts right up until the 21st, has coincided with a particularly long and confidence leeching Mars retrograde in your sign. Now, let’s throw into the mix ruler Mercury entering retroshade in your 8th from the 12th and pulling a full reverse from the 29th. During its retro-cycle it will re-enter your 7th and both Mercury and Mars won’t be direct again to mid-January.

Yes, the usual retro rules apply which you may have stitched into a sampler just to keep them front of mind. Especially as for so many this season involves taking off. If not to see family and friends at this time, then holidays. Mercury slowing then slamming on the brakes and reversing from the 29th means you need that you could write a Lonely Planet Guide to Traveling Under a Mercury Retro. In fact, go pitch it. But wait until after the retrograde has passed. Those of you heading back to somewhere you have visited in the past may be exempt from the majority of the mayhem. But this is no guarantee. Watch out for cancellations, weather, strikes, outages, delays, missed connections, over-bookings, queues, breakdowns, reversals and the unforeseen.

This may all sound somewhat Grinch-like but consider this an early holiday gift as the full Moon conjunct Mars in your sign on the 8th can see pent up feelings released if you have been keeping something back. Or simply the start of snafu season.

This Moon is known as the Oak Moon, Full Cold Moon or Moon Before Yule. It may prove impossible to be tactful or keep those feelings under wraps – goodwill to all not withstanding. You’ll share the unfiltered, unedited version of what you’re truly thinking. Even if you have gone out of your way to avoid this until now. There is however something to be said for clearing the air under this full Moon. It clears the air and also puts you right back in the present moment.

Pucker Up, Buttercup!

Strangely, provided you come from a place of truth but also the need for mutual understanding, any issues should be resolved. Because it’s the season of togetherness and kiss and make-up for you. Not necessarily in that cutesy Netflix rom-com way – but because right now you are more open than usual and come across as genuinely interested in what others are feeling. Your inquisitive heart is open now to taking a tour of that significant other’s emotional landscape. And coming back from it with a fresh sense of knowing what makes them tick.

Opposites attract? That too as the planets move through your 7th they will oppose retro Mars in your sign. Just make sure any second time around re-runs aren’t fueled by seasonal induced sentimentality. And watch yours if too many glasses of mulled wine and an overdose of Christmas movies has you tempted to text a Happy Holidays to that ex.

Being truly in the present involves trust. Yes, maybe that letter to Santa was all about getting back with that ex. But as the planets move through your 7th they meet the Galactic Centre in here. Ruler Mercury (5th), Venus (9th) and then the Sun (19th). Conjunctions with the Galactic Centre supercharge the power of the planet in question. But can also set in motion fated and powerful events for us. Hence, me telling you to be open to the magic of what the present may deliver. Because chances are it is more than you can possibly ever imagine.

So, if you are hoping for that reconciliation – don’t be tempted to send that message. Instead trust and simply let go. If you are one of those lucky people who are with the one you love, then be present with them. If you are seeking a new relationship, again, don’t desperately launch yourself into cuffing season but love the ones you are with and trust that universal delivery system to send the right person at the right time. But don’t live in anticipation of it. Being in the here and now is everything.

Chances are for most of you however, one particular dynamic or dramatic duo is asking you to enter into a new cycle of joint experience. Be this a working one, a friendship or a collaboration. Even a non-human connection with that animal companion would come under this. It’s all about the love.

And then all about the alchemy as the planets switch signs into your 8th. This solstice season offers a divine ascension away from something that has been bugging you or keeping you stuck. One more gift you might not have been seeking but being present in the moment highlights for you. Again, if you future project too far ahead and don’t pay attention to the here and now – you could miss it.

You’re effortlessly transcending a barrier to progress or refining your ideas about what is possible. This is your house of rebirth. A powerful inner shift within you has you seeing something in a very different light and turns out – that was all you ever needed to do to change the entire dynamic.

Right at the end of the year comes what feels like a new beginning for you. Or a rebirth, Gemini. Again, if your focus is elsewhere, you may miss the catalyst for this. Who knew the season could contain such a hidden and unexpected gift for you? Whether this comes in the form of feeling closer to your partner, a soul shifting perspective, a solution or plan which takes care of a financial or career situation, it’s yours to implement as ‘23 approaches. Whatever manifests, you’ve earned it and its appearance sees you feeling more capable, empowered and confident than you may have since that Mars reversed in October. Watch for this at the time of the new supermoon on the 23rd.

That extra boost comes from Jupiter which returns to your make-a-wish 11th and remains active in here until May. For now, kick back, be present and plan but don’t act – yet. Now is the time to enjoy the gift of the moment. So, unwrap it, Gemini.

In a nutshell: Your yearly partnership and love peak has coincided with Mars retro in your sign. And ruler Mercury also retrogrades this month. But with Jupiter back in your wishfulment and social centered 11th, it’s time to love the ones your with and see the present as a gift, Gemini. Love is in fact, all around you!



Find that safe space solution

Pure imagination hands a glimpse of the future

Duos, duets, double acts – a new kind of loving lies ahead

Dearest, sensitive, Cancer – are you holding something back? Maybe its dulling that holiday vibe or seeing you in self-protective mode? You can be empathic and caring but also strong too. And utilise all of these to bring about that solution which feels like a safe place to be.

What concerns you could even be something with its roots buried deep in your past. Or else has ties to someone in your present but has been simmering for a while. It’s not unusual for you to put the feelings of others first – and in doing so, dismiss or deny your own. Watch out this month on the 8th when the full Moon in your 12th falls conjunct Mars retrograde. This is the point when the lid blows off. Or you simply see things in a totally different, more empowering light.

Your intuitive self has the answers. Intui tion pierces doubts like a searchlight during the first week of the month. To come to a searing conclusion about what’s right for you at the time of the full Moon conjunct retro Mars in your 12th on the 8th. Baby, don’t doubt yourself or that what you feel isn’t the truth which now needs you to take action on it.

All full Moons bring intense emotional tides for you. This Moon is known as the Oak Moon, Full Cold Moon or Moon Before Yule. It may be time to assert yourself – in the nicest possible way, or simply make your true feelings known. Yes, of course, you will take the feelings of others into consideration. But not if you have to admit, you have been letting them get away with something for far too long. And do own your own part if this is what has occurred.

Seek out inspiration and dream on!

Your emotional, intuitive, imaginative self needs to express itself. And if its your self-expression that needs to be let loose, then create away. Or immerse yourself in and seek inspiration from the works of others – a good book, film, art. And this will inspire you and feed your soul in turn. More in your Full Moon in Gemini Moonscope.

And it’s good for you. December sees you in your yearly wellbeing peak. So, any action you take will be based on whether continuing to stay silent on something serves you any longer. Or else simply rectifying matters if you are not finding time for what sets your soul free. Your 6th is also your house of work and dharma, studies, habits, routine, co-workers, employees and pets. As the Sun, Mercury and Venus all move through here they all meet the Galactic Centre.

Tune in and initiate changes on an everyday, even somewhat mundane level but with long term results. These could still be in the planning stage, but even so, you will see them through for lasting results. Changes can occur ahead of any new year’s resolutions. And be far more profound and impactful. If you feel you have outgrown your present role for instance, you will now take steps to find a new one in ‘23. Work that has meaning for you – whether paid or unpaid, defines wellbeing.

And because of the conjunctions to the Galactic Centre, you can craft this for yourself. Or begin to for the coming year. Do however bear in mind that from the 12th, we have Mercury in your 7th entering retroshadow. And during its full retrograde which begins on December 29, it will return to your 6th – which it rules. So, this is not a time to look towards the new – just yet. But revise and review and plan. That opportunity may be springing from an idea you’ve been nurturing or has been right under your nose all along!

Inventive you resurfaces with ideas for enhancing anything you get up to on a daily basis. Friendships and connections feature and heading into ‘23 it is time to show that social circle some TLC if you have been more focused on partners or family? Next year will bring an increased emphasis on non-family or partnership connections as Jupiter arrives in your 11th from May onwards. For now, it’s back in your 10th simply wanting to big up that path or purpose.

But the real action now shifts to your 7th as first Mercury (6th), Venus (19th) and then the Sun (21st) enter your 7th bringing your yearly loved-up peak. Your gentle heart and belief in the power of love may have been put to the test these past years due to Pluto’s long term stay in here. The good news is that over the next two years Pluto will leave. First for just a couple of months in ‘23 but by ‘25 it will have gone for good. Leaving your ideas around love and what you need from others, transformed. For now, become like the phoenix and rise on your reawakened belief that the new Supermoon in here on the 23rd ushers in. A new dimension of togetherness which is now in alignment with your awareness of what you need love – past, present, potential – to deliver.

Resist the cuffing season craze if single – despite maybe having to put up with those awkward questions posed by well-meaning relis over the holiday period. The reason being Mercury retrograde from the 29th but which also brings up a past love for you as it fuses its energy with Venus in here. That could see you and that special someone have a merry little and hot celebration of your own after the family stuff is out of the way. But for others this retro-time may offer the rekindling of that missed opportunity. Other than that – its not time to look for the new until after mid-January. Love the relationship state you are in instead– which includes being single. And self-love is most definitely encouraged at this point!

Do remember the retrograde rules if traveling over the holiday period. Yes, a little chaos can ensue so pack your preparedness. ‘23 offers you a deeper transformative love experience, the ability to dream big but then return from the imaginative realms with real tools to make those visions a reality, plus friends and connections which open doors to new experiences or your goals, Cancer. You don’t need that shell for self-protection as December shows you your vulnerability is your strength. Get emotionally naked now and take a deep dive into love.

In a nutshell: The realisation you can be both assertive and sensitive sees you willing to air what’s on your mind this month. Love for you is a combo of strength and vulnerability. Without the need for self-protection, Cancer. It simply turns into giving and receiving the real thing.



Don’t be the Flow – become it!

Blaze a glittering trail like a comet across the sky during your yearly attraction season, Leo. Yes, it’s so like getting a second birthday as your ruler the Sun is in its ruling house – your 5th. Plus – Jupiter is back in its ruling 9th in your chart from the 20th. The cycle of abundance, attraction and shining brighter than any star in the sky continues into ‘23.

Your playfulness is at a peak and the more you indulge well, that natural state of happiness is contagious, Leo! Others just want to be around you. Love can turn into a magical blend of two hearts beating to the same rhythm. And also seeing the world the same way and making similar plans for the future. Whether this is with that boo or that bae. You’ll find ways to show and share the love this December.

New Passions Ignite And Old Ones Get Re-Kindled!

Right up until the 22nd when the Sun exits here and enters your 6th, you can magnetise those dreams and pull towards you what you need like a gravitational force all thanks to the Sun, Mercury and Venus meeting the Galactic Centre in your 5th. That mysterious, fated and powerful central core to our galaxy. What you are focussing on, especially your self-belief, manifests in some way, shape or form now.

Friendships are also in focus at the start of the month due to the fabulizing 5th house planets opposing retrograde Mars in Gemini and your 11th. And a full Moon conjunct Mars on the 8th. Do choose your company carefully. What you are in the mood for is the festive spirit, to be carefree and share the joy with alight-minded souls. Your signature glowing generosity peaks. What don’t you want? Those who suck all the attention, light and love out of the room and into them in an attempt to fill a deep hole in their soul. And this is a habit that they continue despite you and others offering all the love and support you can muster.

This Moon is known as the Oak Moon, Full Cold Moon or Moon Before Yule. If you find yourself in a repeat situation with someone you know at this time, sadly this may now be one time too many. And you unload what’s on your mind. The depth of your feelings may surprise you. And may show you that the connection was in fact, lived out a long time ago. Hopefully that won’t be the case, Leo. Instead you are involved in the kind of two way reciprocity that only arises from true connection.

This full Moon can also see you reclaiming a lost or discarded goal ahead of ‘23. You may get more than a nudge from the universe that you need to pick up where you left off. And not allow yourself to become disheartened or distracted this time. In fact, any goal-getting you embark on will feel like play now.

As your ruler the Sun. Mercury and Venus move through your 5th and hit that Galactic Centre, expect attention, new avenues of creativity or self-expression to open up, romance, children, young people, hobbies and holidays to feature. Yes, it is the holiday season. Just be aware that Mercury which rules short distance trips and transport, enters its trice yearly retroshadow in what is its ruling 6th on the 12th with full fat retrofactor from the 29th. If you are traveling do check and double check everything from departures to connections to the weather.

As the planets move out of your sparkling, star struck 5th you’ll feel your focus begin to shift to what goes you good on an everyday basis, Leo! Your 6th is your house of health and wellbeing and the Sun’s arrival in here (21st) always shines on that day job (paid or unpaid), habits, studies and routine. And yes, for you this always means more than simply a few new year’s resolutions that get abandoned by mid-January. As you take the energy of your feel-good 5th into this house with you, you will be looking at ways you can create this every day for yourself. Or simply elevate your vibe. This is when Mercury retro in here at this time actually helps you. As you look at all the small facets of your life and take your shining creativity and use this to spark joy in the simple stuff you do.

Infuse your lifestyle with habits that energise and which allow you to radiate and shine even brighter! Of course, this doesn’t mean you need practice abstention when it comes to the festive spirit, Leo. This isn’t about denial but it is about what keeps you radiant and charged up. Becoming the flow rather than being in it.

With Jupiter back in its ruling 9th and a new Supermoon in your 6th on the 23rd you are beginning new habits based on vibrance, self-support and freedom. Decisions may follow around your work or how you work over the upcoming month. Just remember to try to delay applying for a new position or launching that business until both Mercury and Mars are direct once more. More in your New Supermoon in Capricorn Moonscope.

Next year removes restrictions around love and will also hand you career and travel opportunities. An everyday kind of love – this can be around something you love to do, a topic, someone you work with or a pet, shows you its important just prior to the year’s end when retro-active Mercury and Venus meet on the 29th. Gather this joy-spark up with you and head with it into ‘23. It could be something as small as a detail, but it fuels your soul and your wellbeing, Leo.

In a nutshell: You’re about to take your fabulizing and loved-up 5th house energy and use it to create some everyday, razzle dazzle changes to your work or wellbeing. Hang on? Didn’t Sting write a song about this ‘every little thing’ you do, Leo? Magic!



Shine bright on the small love details

Fate sets your direction

Design a self-inclusive mosaic of life

Your star shines in a more pristine, focused way than that of the Leos next door. But make no mistake, that doesn’t mean it glows less brightly. And once ruler Mercury, Venus and the Sun all reach your 5th this month – it sparkles, Virgo.

How you express your love is always in the details and your ability to remember them, Virgo. Your love language is like a beautiful mosiac of finely chosen pieces which together, form the most beautiful picture. You more than any other sign, take notes when it comes to loved ones preferences and needs throughout the year. So, the gifts you choose tend to express this. And you know the small touches are what elevate whatever you do onto a higher plane than just big, bold strokes. That love is a Faberge egg, a treasure you gilded and incubated. In the run up to the Solstice which sees the Sun move into your 5th, you’ll be focused on all the small ways you can show how you care to those you care about.

Ceres remains in your sign right up until the 19th. Come from a place of pro-tective action when it comes to the deals you strike and are willing to make this month. At least right up until the Sun moves into your 5th on the 21st. Big fat mutable energy defines most of December for you. You need to remain pro-active not reactive during this time as wins can be made and celebrated and you have one final big blast of supersized love in your 7th and mutable Pisces before Jupiter moves out of here and into your sexy, self empowerment zone.

It is important that you see how the fabulous facets of you fit into the bigger love details in your life – your relationships with family, lovers, friends. Don’t forget to include yourself within this bigger dimension. Especially as most of the month sees us in big, fat mutable weather. Pro-active changes and restarts in the name of love (and self-love!) can be made under this.

Sign Of The Season, Signs Of The Times

You especially vibe off this because you are a mutable sign. As well as Ceres showing you how you need to include you in that bigger picture, we have retro Mars and a full Moon in your 10th of career and rewards, the Sun, ruler Mercury and Venus in your 4th and Jupiter, Juno and Neptune in your 7th. This can bring up big decisions this month which involve you and another, someone you live with or a family member, or your path, purpose or status. And that mosaic tells you all the pieces make up the larger whole so do have that bigger picture in mind when it comes to what you ultimately want to carry forward with you into ‘23.

Neptune heads direct in your 7th from the 4th and any new promises made between you and another party this holiday season are alight with lasting promise thanks to a key meeting between Neptune and Juno on the 27th. First however, there’s a major path defining series of meetings between Mercury (5th), Venus (9th) and the Sun (19th) and the Galactic Centre in your 4th. These coincide with oppositions between the planets and Mars retrograde in your 10th. And by the time we reach the full Moon in your 10th on the 8th, this could hand you a defining moment when it comes to where life, your purpose or a relationship is taking you in ‘23.

This Moon is known as the Oak Moon, Full Cold Moon or Moon Before Yule. I know you are not a sign to put off what needs to be done, Virgo. But this full Moon asks whether or not this is actually the right time to have that talk or push that plan ahead? Do consider this. Have yu honestly done all you can to set success or something in motion? If the answer is yes, then know the details have been put in place and you can do no more. Neither should you as to do so may actually over-work that bigger picture.

If something comes to a satisfying fruition now, it involves a fated direction you are heading in in ‘23. And the other piece of the puzzle is that if it doesn’t, it now opens up for you the one which does. This may not be instantly apparent as as we now move into retroshadow territory as your ruler Mercury enters the shade from the 12th and heads backwards in your 5th from the 29th. This is your house of lovers, children, creativity and play and yes, holidays. Watch out for cancellations, weather, strikes, outages, delays, missed connections, over-bookings, queues, breakdowns, reversals and the unforeseen. I should not need to tell you to pack your retro rules if going anywhere. The details tell me you already know.

Now – Back To That Shine!

Your Virgo soul knows what adds the polish to lovers and loving whatever you engage in, Virgo. Your annual self-expression and pleasure peak always arrives with the festive season when the Sun lands in your 5th (which it rules) on Solstice Day. This is a day to stop and appreciate all the ways you radiate out and touch the lives of others. And also to think about what needs that extra loving magic touch for ‘23. The coming year will see Pluto move out of your 5th and on into your 6th of all things Virgo-centric changing up who you see your work, dharma, studies and yes, that mosaic of details that’s your life. Saturn will move into your 7th with the promise of ring on it commitments while Jupiter will enter its ruling 9th and along with Uranus offer up unimaginable and unlooked for opportunities and experiences.

For now, bask in loving experiences and use the season of lights to light a fire around your creativity, love goals, children, the child within and joy to the world, Virgo. And bring those precious details into everything you engage with at the time of the new Supermoon in your 5th on the 23rd. This is a time to be radiant, to be the giver of joy and to share the love within you – in the best way you know how.

That outlet for the coming year is actually what lies in the shadows of that retrograde. Simply waiting for you to draw back the curtain and re-explore it as Mercury heads backwards on the 29th as it simultaneously meets Venus in here. This is a love revival, a new season of growth which springs from the old. Better still is the divine entwinement between Neptune and Juno on the 27th which speaks of promises kept between you and another, or those you make to yourself for the coming year. And yes, you’ll commit to those details too, Virgo. That’s the shining truth.

In a nutshell: The shining truth of how you express your love is in the gorgeous, glorious and superfine details. Which is how you show you care, Virgo. Just don’t forget to include yourself in this kaleidoscope of colours you’re creating – and sharing this month.



Love opens up a new doorway

Get ready for homecoming

Dare to do it different

If anyone is embracing the spirit of the season in a big way it’s you from the very start of December, Libra. First I have to ask what past, present or potential partnership is very much back in focus for you this month. Is there flirting, rekindling that spark, love revival or a new possibility on offer? Jupiter returns to your 7th from the 20th reigniting a love experience or opening up fresh potentials that extend way beyond cuffing season and take you all the way through to May ‘23.

Matching this move by Fat Cupid is ruler Venus, along with the Sun and Mercury in your 3rd and Jupiter’s ruling sign of Sagittarius. There’s a key conversation happening between you and another key party as December evolves. Some of you may be exploring the saying: opposites attract as Venus and the other planets (Sun and Mercury) in your 3rd all oppose retro Mars in your 9th as they move through what is, Mercury’s ruling house. This could also impact on a past dynamic which celebrated your differences. And now asks: Is there a way you can fuse these together for a fresh outcome?

You are also getting behind a vision, an idea which can take you further, or even traveling. Apply the retro rules to journeys after the 12th however and hold off on launches or applications from that date. Until Mercury has finished its upcoming retrograde in January and certainly until Mars is direct again in your 9th. There is a soul call towards something transformative, solution bearing and even freeing for you on the 8th as the full Moon falls conjunct that retro Mars. So, take it, Libra.

This Moon is known as the Oak Moon, Full Cold Moon or Moon Before Yule. It may ask you to leave the cosy familiarity of how you normally do things or what you opt for and gather that love of bringing balance and apply it to your own life, Libra. Sometimes what restores the balance for us or frees us, is the option we would not have dared to take before. But now we see all too clearly, this is the best and only option if we want a different outcome.

Dare To Be Bold, Live To Be Free!

Dare to be bold, brave and fearless under this full Moon. That’s doesn’t mean reckless or risk taking But it may involve taking a chance. You’ve all the back on up this you could have asked the universe for, Libra. Mercury (5th), ruler Venus (9th) and then the Sun (19th) all meet the Galactic Centre in your 3rd bringing you answers to questions asked, opportunity bearing solutions and a new way ahead if that is what you have been seeking. Do watch for these at the time of this full Moon. And there’s more in your Full Moon in Gemini Moonscope.

Home Truths And Homing Beacons

What draws you towards it, or even back to it, Libra? This can even be a lost path for you. You could go on a journey of rediscovery now following the arrival of first Mercury (6th), ruler Venus (10th) and then finally the Sun on Solstice Day (21st) into your root centered and path owning 4th. What supports or sustains you – be it family, your own creation of that, your home and even what you do has been transformed via Pluto’s long term stay in here. Now be ready to take that to the next stage.

You’ve got your homing beacon on as the planets start to make their big switch into your 4th of security, foundation, family and home. You look to your foundations, what underpins and supports you emotionally. How you can create this for yourself and those you care for or about becomes your next priority over the upcoming month. you will begin to look at where, how and with whom you want to be living in the year ahead. Do begin to build that vision in sync with the new Supermoon in what is the Moon’s ruling house on the 23rd.

For many Librans, these could be joint decisions. Or even career factors. Relocations, renovations, roots feature. And in the latter case possibly pulling yours up to transplant elsewhere. Or somewhere bigger. What sustains you could also be more than simply bricks and mortar. Some of you may feel a pull back to a past place which extends beyond the holiday season which tends to make us more sentimental in any case.

Mercury retro now in your 4th could spark a discussion about where you will be living in ‘23. Or lifestyle changing plans. You know not to act on them – just yet. Also remember your umbrella. Or the umbrella retro rules which apply no matter what area of your chart Mercury is backwards in. Mercury will arrive back in your 3rd and the sign of Sagittarius. Communications, contracts, the internet, commerce, teaching, writing, speaking and yes, travel. Mercury rules the short trips. Sagittarius the big ones. You get it, Libra. Those Retrograde Rules need to be revived now if you are setting off anywhere.

With Chiron direct again in your 7th from the 24th, there’s nothing you won’t be willing to try or experiment with in order to get those emotional, material or even personal goals fulfilled. But you act with the intention to rebalance relataionships or any area of life that is out of kilter now Ceres is also in your sign. New directions spring from old areas as the year closes off with Mercury beginning its retrograde on the 29th but falling conjunct ruler Venus as it does. What you have been waiting for could suddenly kick start ‘23 early for you. And see you heading towards a new era of satisfaction or the love that seems like home, Libra.

In a nutshell: News and opportunities come spinning out of nothingness offers solutions or ways to showcase your soul. What warms your heart as winter begins is your idea of what home is. And those you call ‘family’. Plus Jupiter’s return to your house of lasting love says there’s that’s what is waiting, no matter where you are, Libra!



Love take a two-way flow

Create the magic in the moment

Dreams take a higher path

Baby, it’s time for the present and not to be looking too far ahead. Be in the moment, enjoy where you are and who you are with. That’s your gift to embrace this December. Park those plans for now. You can return to them in the New Year. But it honestly isn’t the time to worry about what you could or should be doing. The retrograde weather is telling you nothing for now. So, do heed it and ho-ho-ho instead.

This could well be the season of satisfaction for you thank to Venus, Mercury and the Sun in Venus’s ruling 2nd. As they move through this house which is all about your cash, money, income, what you give and what you get and yes, that self-worth, they will oppose your ancient ruler Mars in your ‘other’ money house – your 8th. Venus and Mars are actually in their ruling houses when this occurs on the 1st. So, it is like an opposition like no other, where something may be shared with you. And you in turn are in a position to share and share alike.

If retro Mars has handed you a few uncertainties lately, or just made you feel your mojo lacked its usual magnetism, this month hands you back your belief in the power of you – and all you can do, Scorpio. Being present means being able to see how to utilise what you have in a new way. Be it your cash, talents, love or yes, sexy self-assurance. See all of these assets reawakened as the planets move through your 2nd, oppose Mars and meet the Galactic Centre in here. That spark within you reignites and your confidence surges. You know what you want (or even who), under that tree, Scorpio. And you could just be on a mission to go get it without bothering to waiting to see if Santa has it for you or now.

Naughty And Nice Moves

You are now coming to the end of Pluto in your sector of communication, commerce, ideas, teaching, studies, getting around and the internet. From March next year it will begin to move into your 4th of home and roots and will redefine your living arrangements for the future. The means or way you accomplish this could be closer than you have through as a vault-opening full Moon in your 8th falls conjunct Mars on that day.

Chemistry is set to combust now when it comes to any simmering attraction between yourself and another. Or is that you simply taking the initiative, phoenix? You may consciously set out to bring something to a conclusion now – a deal, loan, investment, negotiation. Take into this full Moon a fearless approach when it comes to negotiations. And a no limits mindset when it comes to accepting more.

This Moon is known as the Oak Moon, Full Cold Moon or Moon Before Yule and is the perfect one for making your move, asking for the outcome you seek or simply turning up the heat with that hot stuff. Especially as we enter Mercury retroshadow in its ruling 3rd from the 12th. So, do channel your power into consciously bringing something to completion. And releasing anything you no longer need.

Again, keep to what is happening in the here and now. Your deep well of intuition reflects hidden truths at you now Neptune is direct in your 5th. But it you scatter your energy or don’t pay attention you’ll miss all of this, Scorpio. Above all, pay close attention to what is said without words. Either by you or others. But especially by the latter. Your innate psychic abilities have the translation.

You may sense how others feel or even be able to anticipate their needs now. This month also sees Jupiter back in your work and wellbeing zone. 2023 is going to offer you one of the best years for partnerships you have experienced in a long time when it arrives in your 7th in May. For now, its all about the details and everyday tasks. And seeing the truth around these and working them to your advantage may need you to simply observe for a while. Now you get to start this process.

Loving the way you work, how you work and having more time for what you love to do rather than just what you have to do are part of Jupiter’s benefits in here. Ideas need to be investigated now but possibly not yet acted upon due to Mercury in retroshadow in its 3rd from the 12th and then fully retroactive from the 29th.

That doesn’t mean everything is stuck however. Do however apply those retro rules to short or long trips during the holiday period. Watch for breakdowns, shortages, snafus, strikes, malfunctions, cancellations or batteries not included moments. But conversations, reunions and catch-ups taku you forward as Venus (10th) and then the Sun (21st) enter your 3rd.

Thinking and planning, taking that idea further in ‘23, a new understanding or direction emerges under the new Supermoon in here on the 23rd. This is not your launch however – this is the countdown to it. Do wait until late January to push ahead with plans. More in your New Supermoon in Capricorn Moonscope.

What is on offer, what is promised to you or by you, has lasting implications around lovers, children, creative ideas or a vision you’ve been holding in your imagination. The 27th brings a divine alignment between Juno and Neptune which hands devotion plus spiritual intent. Seeing as you never do superficial in any case, Scorpio, this fusion meas those promises are lasting. Whether made by you, or to you by another. ‘23 is all about the present of love – and the promise it holds.

In a nutshell: You of all signs knows intuitively that the point of power is always in the given moment, Scorpio. And you can begin again in any area at any second simply by projecting your focus into it. New beginnings and transformations occur ahead of ‘23. And love (or what you love) hands you long term promise.



I need somewhere to run

Somewhere to ride

A fresh pair of wings

And a long stretch of sky –

Templeton Thompson

The soul is here for its own joy. The 13th century Sufi poet Rumi tells us that when we answer the call within us and express our authenticity, our soul is freed to be joyful. And with the Sun in your sign right up until the 21st and ruler Jupiter back in your 5th from the 20th, your manifesto needs to be based on acts of joy. And how best to express and project these out there. So, this is more than just the jollity associated with the holiday season for you, Sag. But involves you looking at the bigger picture when it comes to expressing who you are and experiencing what you dream of.

Your fiery soul ignites just as we enter big fat mutable weather while the Sun and other planets assemble in your sign, Mars remains retro-active in your 7th and Jupiter and Neptune are in your 4th. Plus we have Ceres in mutable Virgo and your 10th right up until the 19th which means everything is in motion and in a state of constant flux. Now, that’s not necessarily a bad thing provided one knows to anticipate changes and simply adapt to them as they arise. Which beings a mutable sign, comes as second nature to you.

No More Excess Baggage

Powerful new beginnings and a soul reboot were ushered in for you last month with one of the most path defining new Moons in your sign we have seen for a long time. Now, finalise that key stage and ditch anything that slows your momentum. Because it’s time for one final act of shedding something when the full Moon appears in your 7th and falls conjunct retro Mars in here. This Moon is known as the Oak Moon, Full Cold Moon or Moon Before Yule. This charges up that change cycle bringing it to that final let go point. Because then you or you and that fellow free spirit, are free to set off. Or you have created the right conditions for them to appear!

Something or someone niggling you, Sag? Trashing that tinsel vibe you’re so brilliantly projecting? Don’t give into retro Mars’ face-off combustion. You are meant for higher, bigger and better things! If you are being niggled by that frenemy or even someone who just seems to want to disagree purely for the sake of stirring up an argument, please don’t oblige them. Retain your signature sexy Sag swagger and rise above it all. Especially on the dates when the planets in your 1st oppose that retro Mars. (1st & 8th).

Go Supermassive

There’s freedom manifesto magic in the air for you this month. And it would be a pity to allow small minds to dilute this by distracting you from your focus. That supermassive love or dream that not even Mars can take the heat from. Because as the Sun and planets gallop through your sign they meet the Galactic Centre. This is the supermassive centre of our galaxy and it never moves (or does so incredibly slowly). So, yes, it is always in your sign. A great cosmic portal containing wisdom and the compass around which our entire galaxy (and our fates) is directed.

So, signature events can appear when planets trigger it as on the 5th (Mercury), 9th (Venus) and 19th (Sun). That’s when you leap upon your mystical Pegasus wild pony and soar up to meet an opportunity, solution or simple gift from the cosmos.

What’s that wild horse’s name? Momentum, Sag so don’t whatever you do lose it as the planets begin to move into your 2nd starting with Mercury (6th), Venus (10th) and the Sun (Solstice Day – 21st). We now move from Jupiter’s cosmic territory into the earthly sensuality of Venus’s. It’s all about delights and enjoyment. Sensuality and the good things of life. This is your house of money and most importantly for you – of values. What is priceless to you (freedom usually) and what you will and won’t sell out over (again, your freedom).

Yes, as the new Supermoon appears in this house on the 23rd this is the time to set yourself some new financial goals for the coming year. But chances are what you spend your money on will be tightly aligned to your values. And it’s the same for love, Sag. Here’s an astrology secret for you – the new moon in your 2nd can be just as important for love and relating as one in your 5th or 7th houses! Why? Because our 2nd rules our assets and what is valuable to us. That love you can bank on in other words. And the values you share.

Mercury slams on the brakes on the 29th – the day it also encounters Venus in here. This could be a Back to Love or back to doing what you love moment for you. A reclaiming of your values when it comes to what is important – and fires you up on your journey. If you are on an actual one now, do bear in mind that Mercury retro in any house adds up to cancellations, weather, strikes, outages, delays, breakdowns, reversals and the unforeseen.

That aside, saddle up that mystical wild pony and joyfully ride your own freedom trail on into ‘23. And if someone is going with you know that shared values are what brings you together – and sees you staying together now.

In a nutshell: Hey, wild rider! You don’t have to ride that mystical Pegasus alone – unless you choose to of course! There could be an opportunity to double up on a new cycle of experience. With someone who understands your need for freedom – and frees you at the same time!



Happy transformation cycle, Capricorn!

Turn up the heat inside

See yourself as glorious and multi-faceted

What starts small gains its own momentum as we head towards your birthday, Cappy. Craft that vision now for what you see yourself doing, having, experiencing in ‘23. Become the catalyst and the person you’ve always known was within you. Powerful Pluto has been forging you in the eternal flame since 2008! Next year sees it start to leave your sign. But not all at once. It will do a back and forth at an anaretic degree for a while before leaving for good in ‘25. Those of you with anaretic (29o) Capricorn factors will be most affected. Do check your chart.

Your ruler Saturn will shift from Aquarius and your money zone – how’s that inner entrepreneur doing? – and into your 3rd next March. Allowing you to bring those ideas and imaginative muses down to earth and to do something concrete with them. Then there’s Jupiter which this month moves back into your 4th of home, family and what supports you. After a bit more soul sustainability magic, it moves into your fabulizing 5th in May – the first time it has been here in 12 years! Romance, lovers, babies, children, parenting, play, indulgence, holidays and luck will divinely drive your life forward handing you optimism and opportunities to shine during this cycle. Isn’t that worth the wait?

But let’s talk about your right now birthday season and the lead up to it. The lead up to Venus (10th), Mercury (6th) and finally the Sun (21st) arriving in your sign has the planets in your 12th opposing retrograde Mars in your 6th as well as colliding with the Galactic Centre as they head in your direction. This is the part of your chart where the future is set in motion, the past discarded and soul freedom can occur. It’s often subtle, like a pebble being thrown into a still pond. But then the ripples head outwards. The conjunctions which occur with the Galactic Centre could send those ripples out to touch many diverse areas. I could say ‘mysterious ways’!

There’s a cosmic heads-up happening here around something you need to know and take on board. It has the ability to open your eyes to something – a hidden truth or hidden path to explore. And in doing so, releases you. Do watch for this insight at the time of the full Moon in your 6th on the 8th. This Moon is known as the Oak Moon, Full Cold Moon or Moon Before Yule. But for you, there’s nothing cold about it, Capricorn. Passions are being stirred up now. The heat is on and asks for action.

It falls conjunct retrograde Mars and shines its light back into your secretive, soul cleansing 12th. Something needs your attention and your full focus now. And asks you to call on your pragmatism and true gift of being able to cut to the chase when needed. Do that for a lasting and empowering result, Capricorn. More in your Full Moon in Gemini Moonscope.

Ka-ching! Want to bag a bargain? Yes you can and should leave your holiday shopping until after the 10th when Venus lands in your sign. The perfect choices without you breaking the bank can be found now. Venus adds a touch of luck, discernment and creativity when it comes to giving. Of course, don’t leave yourself out of this as that shopping trip or tour of your favourite sites could also unearth the perfect treat for you – and without a heavy price ticket attached. However, don’t compromise on quality as if you do, dissatisfaction can and will occur. You are the sign of those at the top – and therefore you understand quality, Capricorn!

Mercury slows down in your 1st from the 12th to reverse on the 29th. So you know that the start of your new cycle at least is going to be spent reviewing the past and planning for the future rather than pushing forward with it. This allows you to kick back once Solstice Day and your birthday cycle arrives and simply enjoy the festivities free of any guilt-tripping over what you should be doing next. Yes, world domination can wait.

You enter this cycle with a lightness of being you haven’t felt in a while. Chances are Pluto’s effects have been profound and lasting. And not always easy. Many of you will have undergone huge shifts around how you see yourself, your relationships and your career. Now you emerge from the fire, glowing like the mythical phoenix. With a feeling that you determine where you go from here on your terms. That’s the Pluto gift – self-empowerment and being able to take charge of our destiny!

Do set your intentions and also look to how you might want to convey the changes that you have undergone without via your outer appearance, style, look, face, message or brand as a gifted new Supermoon lights up your sign on the 23rd. Again, just review, revise, reboot, realign and redesign right now. Your time for action comes at the end of January. More in your New Supermoon in Capricorn Moonscope.

See Yourself As You Truly Are

Glorious Capricorn – you have so much to offer. That killer sense of humour, that staying power and determination, that soul of a rock star, that generosity of spirit towards those you truly care for. By now you see yourself in this way and know you are poised on the brink of beginning again. Look forward, not backwards but if anything does return around the end of the month when retrograde Mercury meets Venus in your sign, it does so because it has changed and evolved along with you. It’s re-arrival could show you that love or what we desire can sometimes wait for us, or change form to better suit us down the track. Take optimism ahead with you into the New Year.

In a nutshell: Do you doubt your gorgeous, vibrant diversity or gorgeousification? Your birthday cycle hands you the ability to see yourself in a very different light. After all – you’ve been forged in the fierce fires of eternity. Arise, glowing and transformed into your new cycle!



Dream it – then do it!

Connections co-create your future

Become the Einstein of your imagination

Enter a time of deep preparation now, Aquarius. The Now Age of Aquarius begins in 2023. It will be like nothing you have experienced up until now. And brings with it the potential to redefine yourself, your relationships and transform your future path.

Bring your inventiveness, your individuality and visionary skills and apply them to your very personal goals and dreams this month. Get creative as the planets move from your 11th and on into your 12th. It is time to discover where your imagination can take you. Because this is no pipe dream, Aquarius. But a high speed connection to your future.

Time to reboot your inner inventive deity. Get back in touch with the real you – and all that unique soul could be. Approach this will open minded curiosity and playfulness. The more you experiment – the better the results will be.

December begins with you at your social butterfly peak. Or you should be. Expect exciting encounters, invitations and crossing paths with new people as well as mixing and mingling with old friends. Do make the effort to connect and issue a few invites of your own too. Don’t wait for that invitation to come your way. The more you share yourself, the more there is to be shared as the planets move through your 11th house.

As they do we have a series of oppositions between them and retrograde Mars in your 5th as well as conjunctions between Mercury (5th), Venus (9th) and the Sun (19th) and the Galactic Centre in here. People may our future happen. We are co-creators of one another’s. Yours could be set spinning in a fresh direction this month via those you know or meet. Just one more reason to share yourself and circulate, water carrier! Just think of the symbol of your sign. You quench the thirst of others – as they do the same for you. This is why yours is the sign of the collective and inter-collectiveness.

Just be aware that due to that Mars retroactive in your 5th right now this is not an ideal time to go swiping this cuffing season. They could go from hot to so-not fast. Or only until Mars heads direct again next month. Coupled with this is Mercury in your 12th from the 6th and in retroshadow from the 12th. It stations retrograde in your 12th conjunct Venus on the 29th which could bring about a reconciliation and reunion with an old love for some of you. That is retro-rules free. However, for now, this cycle is about the love of friends rather than the romantic kind.

With both, do choose your company carefully however. Especially at the time of the full Moon in your 5th which falls conjunct retro Mars. This Moon is known as the Oak Moon, Full Cold Moon or Moon Before Yule. Far from icy, it turns up the heat. Or else exposes where things have gone cold. So, for some it promises warmth, passion and romance. Creativity, pro-active fun and parties. While others could just be avoiding the mistletoe and wishing that other half were a mince pie instead.

Do avoid anyone on this night you know to create drama. You need easy flowing, like minded company. To share your ideas, ideals and visions with. There’s support around you for your plans within your friendship groups and contacts. And its with these that future is set in motion. See your Full Moon in Gemini Moonscope for Whistledown type astro social skinny!

Best days for envisioning that future, making plans, meeting people or putting yourself out there are the dates when the planets meet the Galactic Centre in your 11th. This is the supermassive black hole at the centre of our galaxy around which the entire galaxy spins. It is the force which literally holds the stars in their place. And in astrology we are only just beginning to realise its importance in our charts. Do take note of the plans you make, the people you encounter and goal progress on these dates – 5th, 9th and 19th.

The planets move into your 12th from the 6th – first Mercury, then Venus (10th) and finally the Sun on Solstice Day – the perfect day to engage in the centreness of future planning.

Enter The Dreamtime

Go deep into the realms of imagination, creativity, astrology, Tarot, mediumship, psychic abilities, visualisation, jourrnaling painting, music. Awaken your inner muse. Look to your past dreams and ask – are they in fact part of who I am? You have them for a reason.

If you can imagine it for yourself, then know you can have it or experience it in some way. This is also your soul declutter time where you let go of anything you do not want to take into your new cycle with you. This includes those past hurts and wounds, Aquarius. Gently wash these away now.

True intentions, viewing the past from a fresh perspective, insights and reawakening of your purpose are possible. Writing the stars? That is totally possible too. We can change our future by seeing the past from a different point of view – it’s playing with quantum mechanics! I will have more to share about this as Pluto gets closer to your sign.

The holiday season may also feel deeply significant and sentimental for you. Thanks to the new Supermoon in your 12th. This is the new moon where you can re-write her/their/history for yourself, become the Einstein of your imagination when it comes to the future you can envision. And simply express gratitude for the here and now. Your experiences, those who surround you and all the future has to offer. Be present but also projecting that inner vision out into the cosmos at the same time. More in your New Supermoon in Capricorn Moonscope.

If you are traveling in reality as opposed to thought, do keep those retro rules in mind as we approach new year. Partial exemptions may apply if you are returning somewhere you have been in the past. But this isn’t a Get Out of Retrograde Free card by any means. You are however on a journey into a new kind of future. What you can imagine for yourself in ‘23 – become that.

In a nutshell: We are the music makers, we are the dreamers of dreams. Next year hands you the alchemy to turn an inner vision into outer reality, Aquarius. In the lead up to your birthday, craft yourself a new one. If you can imagine it, you can create it in some way.



Work that new kind of bravery!

Step up into your intentions

You’ve promises to make – and keep

Boss face forward for the first three weeks of December, Pisces. This month, ancient ruler Jupiter bides you farewell for another 12 years as it leaves your sign on Dec 20. But in your 2nd hands you a new experience of abundance all the way through to May ‘23. This month brings us heavy mutable energy – certainly at the start of it when we have the Sun, Mercury and Venus meeting the Galactic Centre in Sagittarius and your 10th, a full Moon conjunct retrograde Mars in Gemini and your 4th on the 12th, Ceres in Virgo and your 7th until the 19th and Juno and modern day ruler Neptune along with Jupiter in your 1st for the first three weeks of the month.

You embody a new kind of bravery now! You could be asked to step up this December and take on a more prominent, leadership role. Even in your own family. Oh, and that ‘take charge’ vibe is actually super-sexy, Pisces. You come across as someone who knows what they want – and also how to get it. You have an end goal in mind this month no matter what it is you are being asked to do. And that extend into the goals you set yourself too. Because of the ever-changing mutability of December,

Dress for success? You should. Path defining moves can and will be made this month. Ruler Neptune heads direct in your sign from the 4th gifting you will a new kind of allure, charisma and also clarity when it comes to knowing what you want, Pisces. Step forward with certainty and self-assurance now. This is no time to allow critics (inner and outer) a platform. Knowing we are the right stuff, igniting our own self-belief is the first step towards success in all areas.

Above all, with Mars retrograde now in your 4th and a series of oppositions between the planets in your 10th and that Mars, squares with your rulers and encounters with the Galactic Centre also in your 10th, you need to take a ‘no time wasters’ approach now. You have the confidence with your ruler direct again to take action and to no longer take refuge in procrastination. So, sure others are on the same page, Pisces. That sexiness of self-assured knowing what you want won’t be lost on the right audience. The wrong one however, may be simply threatened by all that extra power you’re projecting. And so may try to rain on that victory parade.

Watch out for this under the full Moon conjunct Mars on the 8th. As well as the insecurities of others bubbling up, the full Moon could bring a misunderstanding – possibly even triggered by an innocent remark. Don’t jump to conclusions or the defensive, Pisces. Do ask for clarification and share the impact what was said on you emotionally – but without judgment or blame. It may be difficult but be factual even if your feelings run deep. Family gatherings are best avoided at this time if you can. And you may also need to keep that professional facade in place. This Moon is known as the Oak Moon, Full Cold Moon or Moon Before Yule. Cool head, warm heart.

That being said, this full Moon hands you the opportunity to reap rewards, set in place something lasting or step up in a way which makes you and others, proud pf your achievements. If you feel like you need a quiet, whole-y night alone to recharge, this is the perfect night to do that too. To surround yourself with all the comforts of the season and to reflect on what has made this year so memorable for you.

Your soul centered determination and knowing what’s now right for you sees you confident in saying thanks or no thanks, now. This goes for relationships too. Yes, this is the time of year when if we are in a relationship, we ask where it might be going. You know what you want, Pisces. So again, don’t waste time on anyone who doesn’t or who doesn’t appreciate in you they have the real deal. Their loss and next!

Playing For Keeps

The best this month isn’t for last in this forecast however. Promises made now are for keeps one way or another thanks to the beautiful union on the 27th between ruler Neptune and Juno in your sign. Juno rules marriages, commitments of all kinds and promises we can’t renege on – or we can but they also require a commitment. So, if you and that boo are talking about where you go from here and on into ‘23 and beyond, this is your day to make that promise. And your certainty extends this month to knowing if the answer isn’t what you want, it was never going to be one you did anyway.

Your social self is yearning to be out and about as the planets begin their shift into your 11th. Starting with Mercury on the 6th, Venus (10th) and Sun (21st). One of the most important future creating new Moons appears on the 23rd – and it’s supersized! Do set your intentions on this day as whatever you imagine or commit to, now has its best chance to manifest in the upcoming year. More in your New Supermoon in Capricorn Moonscope.

Ancient ruler Jupiter is now busy in your sector of money and self-worth. And some of you may already be banking this influence – literally. Just remember, this is a house where ‘heaven helps those who help themselves’ applies to Jupiter. It’s no good waiting for that lottery win. But take steps towards opening channels into abundance and Jupiter will prise that door open ever wider.

Do keep in mind that Mercury has been slowing down in this sector of your chart since the 12th and is stationary retrograde conjunct Venus on the 29th. Old friends, reunions and revivals could see in the New Year for you. As could running into that former flame. If they come in matching your intentions, you could make it work this time around.

Next year sees Saturn arrive in your 1st adding to your 24 carat hallmarked intention to get what you want. While Pluto will begin to remove any lingering shadows from your past when it arrives in your 12th. You head into ‘23 with a certainty around what is finally right for you and confounding those who have underestimated you so far. Now you get to build on that, Pisces. Bank on it!

In a nutshell: Seasons greetings from ruler Neptune and Juno in your sign add up to a promise to be kept for your future, Pisces. And to anyone who has underestimated you – that boss vibe simply broadcasts how wrong they were. You’re so ready for this. And it’s the first step with a bigger one to follow in ‘23!

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