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Remote viewing for psychic spies & astral travellers

With remote viewing, we can travel across time and space, from Giza to Machu Picchu, all from the comfort of our armchair. But what is it? How to do it? And why is it so popular now?

By: The College of Psychic Studies.

What is remote viewing?

Remote viewing allows us to clairvoyantly perceive an event or location that is out of range of our physical eyes. Through this process, we can visit a specified location, and are then able to relate what we have ‘seen’ on that visit. We’re able to describe in detail what we have witnessed, because the details are remarkably recorded in our mind.

Distance is no barrier to remote viewing. Whether it’s a loved one’s home or partner’s office, or a remote village on a different continent, we can travel anywhere we choose. A remote viewer psychically perceives a vision of something that is happening beyond the line of physical sight. This vision is not symbolic – it is very literal, not at all dreamlike, and we witness it as it occurs.

How do we experience remote viewing?

The way we experience remote viewing varies between individuals. However, remote viewers all maintain a vivid recollection of the details of the event or location. Remote viewing can happen through will, or it may happen spontaneously – unwilled. When the remote viewing is willed, we decide where and when to travel to. It is easier for us to engage in remote viewing if the desired location has an emotional tie. 

Remote viewing can be experienced with the eyes open or closed; within the head or out in space. Occasionally we will ‘see’ a part of the location, or a detail, while other times we will experience the entire view or occurrence.

How accurate is remote viewing?

We can all train our ability for remote viewing. Nevertheless, accuracy in the early stages of practice can be sketchy. Those with a greater than average complement of psi genes will find it easier at the beginning, and their accuracy rate tends to be higher (Rifat, 1999). If our remote viewing success is improved by heightened psychic ability, it goes without saying that students at The College of Psychic Studies are perfect candidates to learn the art!

With practice in a remote viewing course, we can develop our ability to travel at will to specific times or locations. We can also hone our observation skills in order to gain increased clarity. We learn techniques to take in more details, to observe more about the location, occurrence or timeframe to which we have travelled. As we practice, so our accuracy rate improves.

Who ‘invented’ remote viewing?

Pop into The College of Psychic Studies’ library, and you’ll find a section of books on the CIA’s investigations into extra-sensory perception and remote viewing. Many of these books describe how remote viewing was developed as a discipline in the USSR to enable ‘psychic spies’. Individuals displaying psychic sensitivity were sought out across the USSR and trained under the strictest secrecy as ‘psychic spies with a difference’.

In the early 1970s, American intelligence sources began suspecting that the Soviet Union was deeply engaged in so-called psychic research. Accordingly, they developed their own psychic investigations. Ingo Swann, who is known in the US as the ‘godfather of remote viewing’, was commissioned by the CIA to develop a remote viewing course for the US military. Thus began the US’s own psychic spy project.

A fundamental condition

The most important ingredient for remote viewing to take place is relaxation. The body and mind must be relaxed, because stress interferes with our brain’s remote viewing mechanism. If you are joining our remote viewing course, it’s a good idea to develop your meditation practice and practice stress-management techniques alongside it. The less afflicted we are by stress, the more effective our remote viewing will be.

How to do remote viewing: A basic technique

This remote viewing technique was lead by the champion of remote viewing, Ingo Swann. Known as CRV, or Co-ordinate Remote Viewing, it was developed by Stanford Research Institute and taught as part of a remote viewing course to US military personnel. This is a very basic method, carried out in a beta state of consciousness. Nevertheless, it is a good first step into an experience of remote viewing. As you develop your remote viewing abilities, you will begin working in the theta brainwave state for increased accuracy. 

Remote viewing practice:

  1. Remember to always ground and protect yourself before and after any psychic work.
  2. Have a friend place a picture of a location in sealed envelope, or stick a pin on a map.
  3. With a blank piece of paper and pencil, visualise yourself opening a psychic window to the target destination of the place in the envelope or on the map. Now, in your mind’s eye, concentrate on this psychic window, and start sketching on the paper. Don’t think about or analyse what you are drawing, just continue drawing lines, curves, whatever comes up. Resist the urge to self-edit.
  4. The next step is to allow sensory information in through the psychic window – smell, taste, touch, texture. Imagine looking through the window, observing shapes and shadows. Again, don’t analyse but just list first impressions and sensations. Then allow the strongest impressions – the visual cues – to enter your awareness. These visual cues would eclipse the other information if they were allowed in first.
  5. Start creating a bigger picture. Draw or jot down what you see in your psychic window. Link these observations with the sense perceptions you observed earlier. Make a note of any materials or textures, words such as ‘wooden’ or ‘fields’ or ‘metal’. You are expanding your list of describing the target.
  6. Keep meditating on your psychic window. Visualise yourself opening it wider to see more clearly. Keep drawing and making notes. Make a note of any numbers or letters that stand out for you. Write down any signs or text that you observe through your psychic window.
  7. Once you are satisfied that you have captured all the details that you possibly can right now, open the envelope or check the location pin on the map, and compare the location with your own impressions.

Practice makes perfect

With practice, your remote viewing abilities will improve and your accuracy will increase. As you start to develop your relaxation techniques and practice your ability to move into a theta brainwave state, you will hone your ability to observe more details. With time, you will be travelling the world across time and space, from the pyramids of Giza to the citadel of Machu Picchu, all from the comfort of your armchair.

Enjoy your journey!