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We want you!!

If you are a healer, psychic, medium, new age practitioner, healthy life practitioner or anyone who falls under the umbrella Spirituality and New-age, then we want you.

Our mission is to facilitate and provide a meeting place for all people interested in the Spiritual and New-age movement, to facilitate a place where practitioners and those interested can meet to discover, disclose, share, learn, experience and just have a great time!

Ideal for a practitioner who wants to ‘get known’ and also ideal for someone new and learning who wants a safe place to improve their gifts.

All you have to do is attend a meeting to understand what we are about and then approach one of our ‘workers’ or ‘Kitchen people’ and express an interest – we will take it from there.

It does not cost you anything other than missed opportunity.

So, contact us now – we want you!


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  1. Malia Mekuli
    Malia Mekuli

    Hi, my name is Malia.
    I am a certified ThetaHealing® Master and would LOVE to take part in your next psychic cafe evening.

    I am located in Hamilton but am willing to travel to Tauranga to participate.

    You can contact me on +642102451015

    Facebook: Malia Mauri Pounamu Mekuli
    Facebook: @MaliaThetaHealing

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