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Weekly Astrology September 19th 2022


Cut through confusion to the truth

Focus on that double act, duo or duet

Don’t assume

Anything that isn’t 100% clear needs to be clarified this week, Aries. Especially if it involves you and a significant other. Don’t just assume. You know the old saying that’s attached to that. So, as part of this process, ensure the other party isn’t making assumptions either. Or simply mentally editing what you say and interpreting it in an entirely different way to your actual meaning. There’s only way one forward – repeat as necessary.

Texts and emails may prove your biggest pitfall as due to the ambiguities of language, they are most open to misinterpretation. Or people can just skip to the part they want to focus on. Watch for this especially in business this week. Which incidentally is one of your main areas of possible consolidation and progress despite the retro weather thanks to trines across your entire money/work/career zones on the 19th – 20th.

But when it comes to discussions with that one and only or someone close to you, make it face to face to ensure there’s no room for misunderstanding one way or another. This week sees the Sun land in your 7th (23rd) bringing you a month long emphasis on duos, duets and double acts of all descriptions. The day it arrives it entangles with retro Mercury just hours before Mercury re-visits its ruling 6th in your chart. Hence the need for clarity especially as the next day we have a key opposition between Venus also in your 6th and Neptune in your 12th. Leave no room for misunderstanding now. And if you’re not clear what someone else is saying, ask them if you have understood them correctly. This week’s new Moon in your 7th promises a fresh start. Most likely from saying it with love – but clearly, Aries.

In a nutshell: The Sun arrives in your partnership sector but retrograde Mercury asks you to ensure there’s no room for misinterpretation when it comes to what you say. Repeat if needed but say it with love, Aries.


Shake up those habits and re-awaken passion

Watch where the energy goes

A surprise twist moves you in a fresh direction

Fabulizing, freedom making trines offer a surprising twist or opportunity this week, Taurus. You need to grab that solution, offer or what you’ve been waiting for (or even who!), and just go with it. The 19th-20th brings a door opening and life-affirming Grand Earth Trine across two days and your 1st, 5th and 9th houses. This could hand you acknowledgment and the chance to step into the light. Something shifts which releases you back into flow again. Have you been waiting a long time for this to happen? Is this the return of love or something you love?

If travelling do remember we are in big retro weather. So take all the usual precautions to minimise those potential snafus. Health matters are also in focus and this extends to what does you good and what doesn’t. There’s some accounting to be done around this and it involves watching the effect of what you do and how you spend your day – and even where, has on your energy levels. The 23rd sees the Sun enter your 6th where it meets retro Mercury telling you it’s high time you paid close attention to this so do monitor all mind/body/spirit matters on this day.

This occurs hours before Mercury returns to your 5th. You may also be looking at what love does you good and what is simply no good for you. Especially when ruler Venus in your 5th opposes Neptune on the 24th. Don’t keep repeating a pattern. This week is all about freeing yourself from it. If love has become a ‘habit’ – as in you fall for the same chocolate but in a different wrapper each time, or you are sticking with someone out of fear of the unknown, look to the long term effects of this as the new Moon appears in your 6th on the 25th. Actively change those habits. And if something arrives that requires you to do this in order to accept it – just say yes, Taurus.

In a nutshell: Keep a close watch on those energy dips and drains, Taurus. As well as what sends it soaring. You need to move past the former and towards the latter. Set your compass towards what frees you.


Revive the love

Stick to the retro rules

Watch and wait

Ruler Mercury remains retro-active this week. It begins the week in your sector of lovers, children, holidays and what you love to do and shine at where it meets the newly arrived Sun on the 23rd. Just hours later it returns to your 4th and its other ruling sign of Virgo. It’s ability to create retro-factor mayhem is now maximised. So, do I really need to tell you to avoid property dealings or any big decisions that impact on your living arrangements, family matters or long term security? Surely not!

Even if you get an offer, deal or that plan comes to fruition, you should still factor in the possibility of delays and for the final outcome not to be resolved until the end of next month. Yes, you benefit from the trines of the 19th – 20th. These light up your security and money sectors. But you may still be missing a key piece of the puzzle or playing the waiting game. Know there is little you can do about this right now. Even with Mars in your 1st making you feeling impatient and urging you into action. The best action may in fact be to watch and wait for now.

As the Sun and then a new Moon (25th) are in your house of holidays, you know the travel rules under this kind of weather better than anyone else, Gemini. Pack those Plan B’s. Yes, this is also your house of romance and lovers. But with your ruler backwards it might not be a good time to go swiping as I’ve said before. Instead look to a love revival. With your current lover or simply returning to something you pour your passion into – that hobby, pastime or what allows you to shine and stand out. Doing so gives you a sense of renewal and appreciation. Make the most of the love you have – especially the love for who or what is already here. New loves appear after the end of next month.

In a nutshell: It’s all about the love that’s already around you and within you rather than new love, Gemini. So, use your ruler’s retrograde energy for a love revival. Fanning that spark back into a flame simply warms and satisfies the soul.


Home matters

Redefine your path

Expect stops and starts

As the Sun changes signs we find a change of emphasis on a key area of our lives according to the house rulership. Especially for you this week Cancer, as the Sun arrives in your all-important home and security centered 4th (23rd). You also have a new Moon appearing in here on the 25th. Bringing with it a silver sliver of promise when it comes to defining your path from this point onwards.

However, this is all happening at the same time as the major retrograde weather front we are all experiencing now. The usual new beginnings may be delayed as a result. Or we simply re-set the past so it seems like a fresh start. This is a week where news can arrive from the two-day stretch of the Grand Earth Trine (19th – 20th) thanks to the Sun and Venus in your 3rd reaching across to Pluto in your 7th and Uranus in your 11th. However, due to the Mercury retrograde which starts the week in your 4th and then backs into its ruling 3rd again, this is not so much the final outcome but the next stage in an on-going process which may take you through to the end of next month. And also to reach it’s final agreement/conclusion.

There’s more to be uncovered or discovered in the meantime. So, do expect stops, starts, snafus, stalls – the usual retrograde reversals and revving wheels in other words. That moving process stops and starts. Niggly things happen on the home front such as your washing machine springs a leak or your internet goes down. And to all that add in the human factor. Or even Mercury taking human form. Someone goes back on what they say. Your handyman starts the job then disappears leaving it unfinished. That offer gets withdrawn. Buy out of this by focussing on how far you’ve come and plan your next move be it living arrangements or career. Sit with that as by November all matters move forward again.

In a nutshell: Fresh starts and right moves may be subject to reversals and stalls. You may have to wait until next month to complete the process. Just sit with the planning stage for now – and don’t ignore the human factor, Cancer!


Bank on something soul-affirming

Watch the pennies and the fine print

Are you going nowhere fast?

Continue to focus on your finances and fine print this week. It’s all to your benefit if you do. But it also demands your attention when Mercury retrograde returns to your 2nd on the 23rd. Many Leos could bank on rewards from long term efforts or simply staying the course thanks to an over-aching Grand Earth Trine across the 19th – 20th which mitigates the heavy retro weather all of us are battling.

Good news may not be the closing chapter on something however. There is still the retro active factor you need to account for as your ruler the Sun enters your 3rd (23rd) and entangles with Mercury just hours before it re-enters your 2nd. However, this can also deliver something wildly self-affirming for you thanks to the trine between Ceres and the Galactic Centre in your 5th. Just ensure it is all it is cracked up to be and nothing is left off the table. I could say know what you are getting into and make the T&C’s very clear. Transparency is your #1 success hack and pierces any retro-shade. Insist on this.

The new Moon in your 3rd on the 25th is therefore the opening paragraph in a much longer dialogue which may take you all the way through until the end of October. It looks like a fresh start but gains no traction and then stalls completely. Round, round get around – this is your house of movement, cars and commuting, that bike. Cruisin’ the information superhighway? That could crash or you get hacked. Siblings and short tips are ruled by this house. Avoid crossed wires, missed connections and breakdowns. Above all, if it’s to do with money or business – get it in writing. Then out with the fine tooth comb, Leo.

In a nutshell: Ruler the Sun and a new Moon in your 3rd point to news, launches and ideas. But Mercury retrograde may turn a start into a stall. You may have to wait for the final chapter until next month, Leo.


Does love need a time out?

Reset your value system

Self care can mean saying no on occasion

The day you say goodbye to the Sun in your sign, you also say Hello, again to ruler Mercury making a retrograde return on the 23rd. This week hands you a respite from the Mercury mayhem in the form of a two day Grand Earth Trine (19th – 20th), between the Sun and Venus in your 1st, Pluto in your 5th and Uranus in your 9th. Just bear in mind that ascension or move on up could only see you climb a couple of steps towards the prize – and then falter again. You know the story and also that it may take another month for completion. So, who or what pops up on your radar may disappear only to reappear later. Don’t by any means think this is the last you hear of it or them however.

If this involves a lover – do stay cool. That is unless you want them to vanish for good. But if that person or situation comes pre-packaged with complications, you may need a time-out to rethink things. Do take it. And now re-focus your energy on your body, health, wellbeing and image for the rest of the retrograde period. This is your recharge time. And to realign yourself with who you are and your real needs. Sometimes true self-care involves saying no just as much as it does saying yes.

The Sun’s arrival and the new Moon in your 2nd on the 25th is a re-evaluation of your money, house, possessions, income, self-worth and all that is truly important to you. What you are willing to negotiate or compromise over – and what you’d never sell-out for. The day before the new Moon appears, we have a key opposition between Venus in your sign and Neptune in your 7th so this may well involve a relationship or something you share with another. Just as it could your own cash or other resources. What’s revealed is something more valuable than you thought. Perhaps your own self-worth, Virgo. You reset your soul stock options as a result of this. Your new Moon in Libra Moonscope has more to say.

In a nutshell: Ruler Mercury returns to your sign this week asking you to look closely at self-love and self-care. It also tells you whether you’ve been undervaluing yourself lately. Time to reassess your worth, Virgo.


Out with the old and in with the revival!

Love needs to bring out the best in you

Happy birthday, Libra

Even as your new cycle begins, some of you could be dealing with an element of your past. Or is everything old, new again, Libra? What feels like a fresh start or new beginning could turn out to be something re-served, re-heated or re-framed. What you need to do is decide whether it is still fit for purpose.

Ruler Venus remains in your 12th and Mercury returns to it just hours after meeting the Sun in your sign on the 23rd. The upcoming year promises expansion and opportunity around partnerships, your income and what you share with others. Decisions will be made that define you and someone else or your partnership status from here on in. For now however, due to the retro weather front which doesn’t just include Mercury but all planets from Jupiter outwards, you will be playing a waiting game.

That doesn’t mean that can’t be fun. The new Moon in your 1st (25th) marks the start of your astrological new cycle no matter when your birthday falls. You may revamp your image while you wait for Mercury to return to your sign. Or you may look to where love needs to take you as this is as much about you and another as it is about you, you, wonderful you. Does that union make you want to be the best possible version of yourself? Love needs to lift you higher. Look back at what makes that possible for you. Or resolve to only accept that for your future. The year ahead will determine where you go with a current duo or duet – whether dramatic or dynamic, Libra. Or bring you a new one. Just ensure it brings out the very best in you.

In a nutshell: Your birthday cycle begins with Mercury retrograde in your sign. You may revise plans or even those desires before new beginnings appear next month. Love wants to take you further in the coming year. Set that destination, Libra.


Acceptance brings transformation and freedom

Your soul knows the solution

Look for an alternative route

Acceptance can be a superpower. It stops us struggling and places us in a position of grace. Struggle creates suffering. When we opt out of it, the suffering stops. If you are seeking closure, a release or simply the insight you need in order to change a situation, this week may offer you exactly that. But chances are the alchemical element is simply you accepting things (or yourself) for what they are, Scorpio.

The phoenix in you rises and soars free when you do. Ghosted? Friend-zoned? It is what it is and you cannot change it. Bow to it instead. Suddenly you’re free of it and move on. We are in major retrograde weather this week and instead of staying stuck, you can use this to your advantage to cease the struggle and escape the storm by accepting something has come to a stop or conclusion. Work with ruler Pluto’s transformational energy on the 19th – 20th when it forms part of a two-day, three-way Grand Earth Trine between your 3rd, 7th and 11th houses. This is both a release and a reformation around someone you know, a partner or even simply working with how things are as opposed to how you would like them to be.

The way out or through may not be obvious. Changing your mind or seeing things differently is the key to this process. Lucky for you, your faith in yourself, your intuition and decision making is reawakened once the Sun (23rd) and new Moon (25th) appear in your 12th. If you are seeking to release, reframe or simply let go, you slip free of wanting to hold on with ease.

In a nutshell: Accepting situations and people for what they are is your key to transforming any situation this week. Let go of any desire to bring about a different outcome or hang on. The result is the peace and release you need, Scorpio.


Revisit a goal to bring it closer

Play the long success strategy

Craft that message

You’re on show or in the public eye in more ways than one this week, Sag. Craft that message or work that track record to your advantage now. And don’t be caught unprepared either. This week is not about faking it till you make it. It is about knowing you are the real deal and ready to bring it.

Career and reputation matters continue to be highlighted thanks to the Sun and Venus in your 10th. Plus you have the return of Mercury in here on the 23rd. This is about leveraging your knowledge and achievements to date. And also being aware that boss moves include playing the long game. Go the distance now as something may be on offer for you – but then stall or appear to reverse. Your patience and ability to stay the course will prove to be a key factor in determining the final outcome of all of this next month. And also earn you brownie points with people who matter.

As usual, with all this retro activity which includes ruler Jupiter in your 5th and all the planets beyond that as well as Mercury, do have an alternative in mind if travelling. Anything can and will disrupt your plans from bird strikes to weather to impossible to source spare parts meaning your aircraft or other means of transport is grounded.

This week also features wishes and dreams. The need to have something you are aiming for or to look forward to that forms part of who you are and what you are here to experience. Ceres in your 9th may point to another way to get there as it trines the Galactic Centre in your sign on the 23rd. The Sun (23rd) and new Moon (25th) in your wishes and dreams sector could see a revival of a dream. Or you seeing the resources you have to attain it in a new way. This is about going backwards to move towards what you want. And it could involve the cooperation of someone you know or who you are connected to. Reach out and back and draw the future closer.

In a nutshell: Reverse moves may actually turn out to be short cuts by the time we reach the end of October, Sag. So, go backwards to head forwards again. And play a long game when it comes to career matters.


Cut through confusion with the facts

Take a ‘one step at a time’ approach

Wait for what’s coming to reveal its real potential

60% of planets are backwards in the sky – including your ruler Saturn in your 2nd, Pluto in your 1st and Mercury’s return to your 9th this week. First of all, you may be missing a key insight or piece of information – especially if you are travelling. Or you receive news but it’s the edited variety. Or reversed or redacted. The key Venus/Neptune opposition on the 24th points to confusion, cancellations or simply not being prepared. The result is ending up somewhere you didn’t plan to be – either literally or figuratively. So before you set out or even sign or say ‘Yes’ to something, do triple check current conditions. Anything from the weather to the T&C variety.

You do however benefit from this week’s two day Grand Earth Trine fest. It involves the Sun and Venus in your 9th linking to Pluto in your 1st and Uranus in your 5th. Just be prepared for false starts and stalls. And don’t act surprised when these happen.

Although a plan may be moved onto the back-burner for now or a trip deferred or abandoned, there is a whisper of later progress or a new beginning with all-important status defining themes emerging in your 10th of career, rewards and reputation. The 23rd sees the Sun land in here followed by a new Moon on the 25th. Out of chaos, confusion and counter-clockwise cancellations finally comes the promise of a fresh start. This could even be around your love life. But again, you may have to wait a few more weeks before its real potential becomes clear. In the interim, adopt a one step at a time, no-nonsense approach to everything from travel to business. The next step then becomes much more sure and clear, Cappy.

In a nutshell: Shy new beginnings are on offer. But they may take time to manifest in their final form. In the interim – check everything from fine print, to T&C’s to conditions when travelling. And don’t take the next step unless it’s clear.


Retrace your steps

Stand by what really matters to you

Revisits and revivals reboot the past

Retrace that lost path during this extremely intense retrograde cycle. This includes your ruler Uranus in your 4th, as well as all the outer planets from Jupiter. And Mercury in your 9th at the start of the week.

Know what the deal makers and also the deal breakers are too. And stand by these. Mercury will re-enter your 8th on the 23rd just hours after it meets the newly arrived Sun in your 9th. Get anything you agree to in writing and if it isn’t – well, reversals and refusals may follow. Even if it is in writing, you need to check it and get an expert opinion if necessary. Oh and don’t bow to pressure. That’s a red flag now. If you are involved in any negotiations – how does that offer sit with your values? And know it may not be the final one.

With the Sun and then a new Moon in your 9th, the general retro mayhem vibe surrounds travel, studies, legal matters, foreign affairs from that overseas lover to that client, and the mass media. Don’t think that just because you aren’t travelling at this time you are immune from the rules. You could find Zoom crashing in the middle of that call to a foreign client or overseas division for instance.

Above all, have Plans B thru Z to hand if you are travelling. Even short distances. Closures, strikes, breakdowns, cancellations, outages and even the weather could affect you. Have an alternative route in mind just in case. Retrograde rule ‘re’ words and especially a Mercury retro. Retracing your steps being one. Rewriting, revising, returning, revisiting. Especially that path not taken. And resigning yourself to the fact some things are just beyond your control. If you don’t end up where you expected – enjoy where you are, Aquarius.

In a nutshell: Retrograde weather means remaining mindful that stalls, stops and snafus can and will occur, Aquarius. If someone asks you to change your mind or agree to something that doesn’t feel right – stand by those values this week.


What needs a renegotiation?

You need unfiltered love now

Get ready to be enlightened

The Sun remains in your partnership sector up until the 23rd while Mercury retro returns to it on the same day. Venus which remains in its ruling house until the end of the month, will oppose your ruler Neptune in your 1st on the 24th. While we have a two day serving of Grand Earth Trine across your 3rd, 7th and 11th houses which includes the Sun and Venus over the 19th-20th. What this tells you is that you are about to be enlightened in some way. Maybe around what you thought about love in the past compared to how it is now. Or what you want it to be for your future.

Hanging on to love’s illusions will do you no good at all. In fact, you want love unfiltered as that is the only kind that is going to work for you. Is someone blowing hot and cold? Giving out mixed messages? Is there a track record where you make excuses for them or accept their highly questionable ones? You know deep down what the truth is so embrace it now.

Hopefully what you do see and have is the real deal however. The Sun (23rd) and new Moon (25th) in your 8th brings in a fresh sharing dynamic. The terms of which may not yet be fully formed. As this house rules joint (usually marital) assets and also your salary and benefits, the final terms of this may not be worked out until next month. However, this promises a change in the air. You’ll also want to emotionally connect with your significant other on a deeper level now. Are they open to that or does their sign to paraphase the old 60’s pick-up line read: Closed until further notice? Better to know if some doors are shut, Pisces than to carry on in the hope one day they will re-open. Instead find one that is and walk through it.

In a nutshell: Shine a light and illuminate the truth around love and what you need from it – or that significant other. The last thing you do need are filters. Changes begin designed to bring you something deeper – and very real.