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What on earth does the expression non-mind mean?

Inspired by the restless self.

Why is it that every time something does not go your way, you either break down in tears or go on regardless, with your head in the sand. I’ll tell you why – it is because you, the mind, are not in control- that is why. And if your mind is not in control then who or what is? The answer is the non-mind.

What on earth does the expression non-mind mean?

It means everything else but. That is what it means – and boy does that open a can of worms!

What is everything else? – Well, lets look at just some of the possibilities.

The first thing that comes to mind are your own mind created patterns and monsters that you carry everywhere you go. Things don’t go your way so it is like you just push a pre- programmed button inside your subconscious and react how you have trained yourself to react. This form of non mind can be called the under mind. Under-mind because it undermines you own unique ability to be your own unique self.

Then there is the never-mind – the Nevermind has a innate ability to imitate spiritual understanding. But in reality it is just another word for apathy. Apathy is, could not be bothered. Spiritual understanding is, look for the lessons. The never mind is not the only form of non mind around.

Consider the Not Mind. The Not Mine claims no responsibility. Not my problem! A close relation to the never mind but different in that it is more aggressive. Whereas, the never mind knows its apathy, the Not Mind convinces itself that it is not apathetic.

Then comes the Out of Your Mind. This non mind is unusual because it can only be seen from somebody else. You in your self are the last one to see the Out of Your Mind. And even when you do – you tend to take it on blind faith because everybody else tells you it is so!

A relation to the out of your mind is the out of mind. This out of mind handles the problem by putting it to one side to be addressed at a latter date. The trouble with the out-of mind is that sometimes it never calls into mind the initial problem and hence it gets somewhat out of your mind or even never-mind, or probable not mine.

The non mind is a very large can of worms indeed.

So perhaps the best thing to do is just plain keep your mind – and then perhaps things may just go your way. – But then again, I could be in two  minds about that!

Kevin Reed