17th Century Ethiopian Manuscript: The Miracles Of The Archangel Michael

by (Public Domain Review): A selection of folios from an illuminated manuscript of 17th century Ethiopia, produced during the cultural boom…

Awaken Miracles

Awaken – Miracles

especially in painting, brought about by the establishment of a permanent court at Gondar by the Solomonic emperor Fasilädäs (who reigned 1632-67). The nearly 50 full-page illuminations of this particular manuscript tell the story of the Archangel Michael who, under the patronage of Emperor Zär’a Ya’eqob, had became the most venerated of all archangels in Ethiopia. He is depicted undertaking a vast host of miracles and heroic feats including saving the faithful from the burning flames of hell, healing the sick and treading on Satan. The illustrations can also teach us about the Ethiopia of the time. According to The Walters Art Museum, “the minutely rendered textiles in these pictures suggest a connection with the fashions of the Gondarine court and indicate that the painters depicted their scriptural subjects using a visual language rooted in contemporary culture.”

Awaken Miracles 1

Left – Above: How Astaraniqos slept on his bed using the picture of St. Michael as a pillow; Below: How a blacksmith toiled in making a panel for the picture of St. Michael. Right – Above: How Satan flew away like a raven/crow when Euphemia showed him the picture of St. Michael; Below: How Satan came (again) looking like four women and St. Michael trod on him.

Awaken Miracles 2

Left – St. Michael rescues the faithful from the flames of Hell. Right – The Faithful Rescued by Saint Michael in Paradise.

Awaken Miracles 3

The Archangel helping Hezekiah of Judah defeat Sennacherib of Assyria.

Awaken Miracles 4

The Archangel paying tribute to Adam.

Awaken Miracles 5

The Archangel casting an evil spirit from his church.

Awaken Miracles 6

The Archangel healing a sick woman.

Awaken Miracles 7

The Archangel helping seafarers.

Awaken Miracles 8

The Archangel healing a Jew.

Awaken Miracles 9

The Archangel helping Susanna preserve her purity.

Awaken Miracles 10

The Archangel rescuing the Three Holy Children.

Awaken Miracles 11

The story of Qison continues.

Awaken Miracles 12

The Archangel rescuing the child from drowning.