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Pay Attention to Your Thoughts

You believe everything you say to yourself.

We live in a time and reality where what we accept as ‘real’ is entirely governed by what we can perceive with our five senses. Everything that falls out of that “range” is considered “nonexistent” until “proven”. But the way I see it, if we think that we can extract the whole “truth” about our existence or the nature of reality on the basis of what our ordinary five senses present, then we will never see, smell, touch, feel or hear the whole truth about the essence of who we are. In order to understand the inherent creative power, you have through your thoughts and beliefs you have to take a quantum leap with me and allow yourself to play with the idea that you are the creator of your own reality and that your mind is the tool.

Everything in the Universe is made of energy vibrating at different frequencies. What differentiates me from you and sand from water is the vibrational frequency. Thoughts and things are made of the same essence—energy—the only difference being that thoughts vibrate at a higher frequency than things. The reason you need to pay more attention to your thoughts is that on a deep level of quantum reality “high-frequency-thoughts” slow down into “low-frequency-things”. Simply put—thoughts become things. The more you believe in a thought the more ‘solid’ it becomes and the more it affects the energy around you. It doesn’t matter if the thought is positive or negative, if you want it or if you don’t want it. The more thoughts of the same vibration, the stronger the belief and the more probable it is for that thought to manifest in the form of a thing, situation or relationship. Now, multiply this with all the people on earth and you have a “solid” reality perpetually manifesting itself unconditionally mirroring all our beliefs about fears and joys, hate and love, darkness and light.

The reason so much in life can seem chaotic and “random” is because most of your deepest thoughts and beliefs about yourself and your reality are obscured by a veil of unconsciousness. You allowed them, unconditionally, into your mind during your early childhood. You did this by mirroring your parents, siblings and neighbours—long before you could speak and “translate” your thoughts into conscious words and concepts. School, the media, news, book, and movies affected your way of thinking in your past and solidified the ‘preprogrammed’ beliefs about how reality works. All of which literally makes your present life someone else’s creation. Because if the reality you are generating is based on unconscious, automatic responses that were created in your past, then your reality now (the reflection you are looking at in the present) is not your own creation: it is generated through you, but not by you.

This is one of the reasons why most of us seem to be “cruising” through life on autopilot. The reality you are manifesting or generating is very much determined by what you habitually “know” and automatically believe about it. Your beliefs “speak” directly to your subconscious mind which is entangled on a deep level of reality, with the very fabric of the Universe. Without hesitation, the Universe executes the “orders” and reflects your exact frequency back to you in 3D. So you see, you are manifesting things all the time, even in your sleep.

Your thoughts are thus not insignificant. They are important because you are interacting with a conscious Universe which not only “hears” what you say but more importantly knows what you feel and believe. And the rule is—What you believe you receive.

So then, it is not what you say out loud but what you think when you are alone that has the greatest impact on how your life unfolds. The most important relationship you will ever have is with your self. It affects everything else in your existence. You believe everything you say to yourself. The Universe is always responding to your beliefs. When you start paying more attention to what you are telling yourself things start to change.

Let me give you an example:
Thinking about what you want is a desire flowing from a positive frequency. Thinking about what you don’t yet have is a fear vibrating at a negative frequency. It looks the same but gives very different results. For example; When you say “I don’t want fear in my life”, you tune in to the negative frequency of “not wanting fear”, instead of the positive frequency of “feeling safe”. You end up “not wanting” something, instead of “feeling good”. The difference between these seemingly related thoughts is that one tapsintoo the frequency of abundance, the other to scarcity—manifesting “versions” of reality that can be compared to “heaven” and “hell”. Be conscious of your frequency by focusing on the feeling of what you want to experience.

You can either choose to increase joy, love and abundance by consciously focusing your thoughts on harmony, creativity, and strengths, no matter the circumstances. Or you can unconsciously waste half of the energy by focusing on anger, guilt, doubt, weakness and failure. There is always a choice. Always.

Some of you might say, but doesn’t that kind of inner exploration require work and time? How can I explore my inner self when I feel so stressed out that I can’t even set aside 5 minutes during the day to meditate or just to slow down my own thoughts?

The truth is that you don’t need to “set aside” extra time in your already busy schedule to come into a meditative state where you can actively choose what thoughts you want to explore. You can incorporate it into your everyday routines by now and then switching over to, what I call, “appreciation mode” and automatically change the frequency of your being.

I will give you an example:
If you are walking through the park, take time to stop for a few seconds to stand under a tree and feel the unconditionally loving energy coming from it. It is standing there, tuning you into the right frequency by giving you shelter from the rain or the sun. Inviting you to listen to the sound of its leaves in the wind, to smell the sap from its bark…Always at your disposal. Wanting nothing in return…whispering “I am always here for you”. Which by the way, everything else in nature also offers. In abundance.

When you see children playing, stop for a few seconds and emerge in the beautiful bubbly energy of their youth. It is their natural state of being and they are mirroring it back to you. With no effort at all. Feel the joy. Embrace it and allow it to remind you of your own “natural state of being”.

Allow yourself to be interrupted by the flickering of a butterfly, a smiling face, a funny cloud formation. Face the sun, taste the rain, feel the wind in your hair. Simply be present.

So, why am I going on about relaxing your mind? Because, when you nourish your soul with gratitude, it opens your mind to a bigger picture. Love is a higher frequency allowing you to see more opportunities in every area in your reality even at work. Allowing thoughts of fear and worry to occupy the “space” in your head lowers your frequency making opportunities invisible.

Know this—your mind is a tool with which you create your reality. This is why everything that does not belong in your ideal reality shouldn’t be in your thoughts. When you are in a state of appreciation your frequency is sending signals to the Universe, All That Is, the quantum field, God (we all have different names for it) that you are ready to get more of the same thing. Because, make no mistake, you attract what you believe. And you believe everything you think, feel and say to yourself. Why not believe in the good things?

Gordana Biernat, M.A.

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